Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday: 11-12-13

Hello. Keep reading this amazing blog for some concepts. This concludes the short part of this post where I, Jake88, talks about stuff.


Team USA (Caden P.)
Simple much? Ok this is about as simple as it gets. Color in panels on the white, and stripe cuffs and a matching hem stripe. The red yoke is really an ugly feature on the white jersey if you ask me, and the whole design is simple, too simple, not Nike simple, but a different simple. I really dislike the crest (though it does go with the jersey). Not that there aren't any good features on it. I like the striping pattern on the blue jersey (if it was moved up), and the gold medals in the collar are a nice touch. Concept Rating 6/10

*EDIT BY CADEN* I still remain sexy as ever though! You all know that!

San Jose Sharks (Jake88/Me)
What if Nike took over the NHL? I hope that the Sharks would wear something like this. The wave striping fits in with the name and it's angled to stay similar to the last Pre-Edge jerseys. The font is the Arizona Cardinals. 


Bye, Happy Reading.

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