Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Hello concept fans! It's your favorite writer Caden here with some special news! First of all I'm pretty bummed out because my Icemen "scored" the tying goal .5 seconds AFTER the 3rd period ended. Needless to day it was disallowed. More importantly if you don't following the HCI twitter (@HCIblog) you should! Each week we will be posting a never before seen bonus concept on twitter, so you should check it out like a hot chick in a bikini. I've always wanted to say that! Alright, nothing much more to say, other than check out our twitter page (@HCIblog) Thanks in advance for following!

Boston Bruins Steve M.
This is part of Steve's 4th jersey series, which will soon be added to our jersey series page. I really like yellow 3rds (or 4ths in this case) because they can be used on the road as well. I like the striping and yoke a lot too! I'm not really a fan of the logo/letter thingy. Even though it's classic, it's too collegey. The B look nice on the shoulders though. You might also want to change the shade of black in the #s to the same as the striping.

I like the jersey, but couldn't "bear" the logo. A 7/10

Winnipeg Jets Brian B.
Wow! I am a sucker for double blue designs and this is no different! The color balance is perfect on the away, the home could use a smige more white. I like the chest stripes. I like the yokes. I like everything! EXCEPT the # font. The stencil font for a military themed jersey is something they would do in the minor leagues. I would also ditch the tie down collar because of the chest stripe.

I love the double blue, but the numbers can "fly by!" A 8.9/10

Thought I'd make you smile today! If you were wondering why I didn't get thanksgiving break, well it's one of the benefits of being homeschooled! :'(

*UPDATE* Former HJC Friday writer Ricky Mazella has joined our team! He will write for HCI on Friday starting Friday Nov. 29th. Check his blog out here. Just from me I'm honored to have an HJC writer on our team. Even though he doesn't write for them any more, "He's Played in the Big Leagues!" So to speak.

And as always, Thanks for reading.



  1. Even then, Ryan has always said it's the minors compared to Icethetics . . . so let's just call it Triple A?

    1. Big leagues compared to HCI, hopefully someday we can be as great as them.


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