Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday: Canada, and Canada

As you see the title above it, yes it's an all team Canada post! Let's not waste time and get going.

Team Canada concept (by Caden)
This one is one of those things that Canada "SHOULD" go with instead of with one arm stripe, and Caden give this an final touch. With that it made me wanna buy it! The only down point witch doesn't matter it's just adding an icing to my cake put thin hem stripes and we got an winner! Score: 8/10

Team Canada concept (by me/yours truly)
 On this concept just simple stripes on the hem, the socks, and on the side of the pants. Simple stripes on the arms with a maple leaf cut off the end of the middle stripe. The logo of team Canada with the classic word mark from their alternate logo. The numbers, and nameplate are standard block. What score you give this concept of my?

Well that's today post, be here tomorrow for some more HCI post by me as we're days away for the big 100. Until then, later.

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