Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday: The Aftermath

Hi everybody Alan here with part 1 of my crazy weekend it'll be busy for me. (Depends on what's going on from my work.) But that doesn't stop me from posting some concepts here on HCI, so let's not waste time and get going.

Helsignin Jokerit concept (by Jake88)
With words now that next year this team will join the KHL, and what a better way then an concept made by Jake for this team. This concept is simple yet fitting. Two tone red checkerboard on the arms, hem, inside the collar, pants, and even on the socks, lastly keeping the sleeves and hem at same colors for both dark, and white. very clever if I say so myself. Keeping the red numbers on both jerseys was risky but pulled off nicely. Overall: Simple and smart. Score: 9/10

Team Slovakia concept (by Dylan W.)
The Slovaks new set was clever, but this one is good, but not great. Work marks on the front hem area and the cross on the arms was O.K. The side penal, and stripes on wrist is not my cup of tea, and the choosing of fonts for the numbers not an big fan of. My suggestion: Replace the side panels with hem stripes, move the wrist stripes up close to the cross, and lastly change the numbers with an different fonts. Overall: Not the best Team Slovakia Concept to my taste. Score: 6.5/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Steve)
Nice idea of the sicks stripes on the arms, and hem that felt connect nicely done. Standard block for the numbers, and nameplate is an good move. Execution errors is the stripes needs more white on it, and the red on the main logo does not match the red on the jersey. Overall: Not bad 4th jersey, but fix these errors and we got an winner. Score: 7/10

Well that's Friday post, here's an Music Video about Friday

Don't like it? Well there will be more of this video, unless you sent in more of your concepts in and I won't be able to put this video up, call it "More Awesomeness, Less Lameness!"

See you all tomorrow, til then, later.

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