Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday: Time machine

Hey guys. Monday's normally a downer, and pretty dreary, but with it being the only full day of school that I have this week it's pretty good. If you think of that one day and a half as a whole week, Hump day should be at about 6th period. Well this long Thanksgiving break should give me time to work on some concepts and it will be nice to do so.

On the exact opposite side of things, my HCIHL team, the Altoona Express, lost by about 40 some points, and it was truly a slow, long week. Here are the scores of week 8 of the HCIHL.

London Sabreswords 152.8 - Altoona Express 113.7
Skopje Lisici 163.4 - Evansville Rivermen 137.8
Louisville Lynx 153.4 - Hamilton Stags 122.1

Well as you can tell in the scores, it was upset week. In every match, the team with the worse record won! Oh, yeah that kinda sucks for me...
In other news the Stags first defeat was a nice thing to watch, with the team with only one win beating the undefeated team. Good job for the Lynx!


Colorado Avalanche (Alan Herbert)
Our first stop on todays timemachine, 2011 where Alan shows us how the team from the Mile High City should look. Their current jerseys are truly an edge mess, with piping wherever it can fit, and quite boring. I like this because it builds off both looks of the franchise the current, and the obviously better pre-edge look. This jersey looks good, but I think I bit more mountain look make "good", "great". Right now I don't like how the smooth yoke transitions into the "choppy" mountain striping. I'd make the whole extended yoke mountainous, myself, but it probably looks fine either way. Also TV number always add to a concept. Concept Rating: 8.3/10

Ottawa Senators (3rd? Stadium Series?) (Brian B.)
First, Caden didn't tell me what type of jersey this was supposed to be, so that info is always helpful on the concept (or e-mail for that matter). 
Now the time machine is stopping in the time when Alfredsson played on the Sens. The jersey is very cluttered, with the chest stripe, and full hem striping, combined with the laurel leaf pattern, and large arm striping. The logo looks very 30's and thats good for a throwback concept, in fact the team (if they were around at the time) probably could have played in sweaters like these. But today has completely different standards than back then, so making the jersey less complicated could go a long way. I'd start with taking the chest stripe out, then as a touch up, add the laurel leaf pattern to the cuffs of the jersey. To really go with a throwback look, put the sweater collar on the jersey. Concept Rating: 7.5/10

San Jose Sharks 4th Jersey (Steve M.)
Steve brings us to the last stop on our time machine ride today, and it's with the Hertl era of San Jose. I'm normally not a fan of bringing grey back into the Sharks colors but a few concepts can get away with it, this being one of them. But this concept does need some fixes. One, add grey trim to the numbers. Two, (and the bigger of the two) make it unique! The Sharks original jerseys were almost the exact same thing as this! With a logo like that, a lot is achievable, maybe if you added gradient striping (in the logo) down the arms. Also, do something with the shoulder area, that also would look nice. Good jersey, just not that original. Concept Rating 7/10


I don't have that much to say to finish out this post. Well other than, Thanks for reading, Bye! 

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