Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday: Is Today

Hey guys! Jake88 here! Writing this post! Because that's what I do! Concepts? Here!


Detroit Red Wings (Caden P.)
Well all I can say is, I hope this never happens in real life. Caden knows that too, since he wanted the jersey in a collection called Nike NHL. The jersey it's self actually looks to be a Nike equse jersey, so I will just touch on the execution errors. The striping on a Nike jersey shouldn't be on top of the stitching and there should be TV numbers on the yoke.. Also the trademark sign should never be on a jersey. One more, the logo on the white jersey is grey as the rest of the striping is white. Concept Rating 4/10 (As something nike would do) Accuracy of a Nike jersey: 8/10

Good Job to Sweden! They stood up to the Nike tyrant. Obviously it could be better, maybe add some arm stripes? Or lose the sublimated viking ship? Nike still needs to unveil the blue jersey which should be the same thing but with the colors inverted. I would be interested to see what Nike would have done, but it's good that it would only be in the minds of Nike. Jersey Rating: 7/10


See you later when Alan writes tomorrow. 

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