Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday: 2x

So this is the second post written by me in as many days. I kinda went dry with everything I talked about yesterday so I leave you with the HCIHL scores.

Louisville Lynx 163 - Skopje Lisici 138
Hamilton Stags 164.2 - Altoona Express 158.3
Evansville Rivermen 128.2 - London Sabreswords 113.3

Interesting to note, the Lynx get their first win yet coming against Skopje. But the Stags continue their 5-0 run by just beating the Express in the closest game yet for them. In this weeks matchups it is a repeat of the first week games. So what teams are looking for some revenge, I know my Express are!


Texas Stars (Jake88/Me)
So remember those old Stars jerseys that we all hated... They make a reappearance here, but in a much nicer color scheme, hem stripes, a yoke, and laces. If you're asking "why Texas?" well the Texas Stars are Dallas's farm team. A few small notes I wanted to point out. First with the color change I propose a change in Texas's logo, here is the current, but how about my edited version? Better right, and if you are wondering why it isn't on the jersey, check out the pants and helmet. Other thing, with Dallas featuring a collar effect on their sweaters, I thought "why not on the farm team" so look at the collar. The only thing I am not sure of is how the phantom yoke looks on the green jersey, can I have your opinions on it? 


Again. I am kinda tired from writing yesterday and today so that's my one concept post. "Bye" he said with a feeling of tiredness.   

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