Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Mocking HJC"

Hey guys! Caden Patafie here, the new Tuesday writer for Hockey Jersey Concepts! Big thanks to Ryan for giving me this opportunity to write for HJC, as it’s been a dream of mine ever since I started reading the blog. Though I was a big fan of Phil Beck and his perspective on life, I'm happy to give you mine.

If you haven’t seen I’m sure you've seen the new Saint Louis Blues jerseys, but if you haven’t, here you go!

I’m so glad they got rid of the piping, the hem stripes look amazing, and it’s just an all-around turn for the better. They also kept the alternate status-quo.

Here are your friendly HJC reminders!!!
COTW Aug 18-24 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
HJC Writer applications (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Grand Rapids Griffins Competition (ends August 31st)

If you haven’t sent your Griffins Comp entry in, you should! I did, what do you have to lose? You have an opportunity to have your jersey worn by an AHL Team! How cool would that be? 

Ryan Haslett (HJC) Anaheim Ducks

Good: I'm a big fan of the added orange. Orange isn't used that much in the NHL, so it adds some uniqueness to the jersey. The white yoke is fresh and new, and again, isn't widely used. Your execution is spot on. The only problem is a loose pixel on the front hem on the inside of the jersey. Which can be easily fixed

Bad: The yoke stripe crowds the shoulder patch, I would move the stripe down a few pixels. The "D" logo doesn't work. There isn't any bronze on the jersey so it looks out of place? Have you tried using the oval goalie mask logo? It might look good?

Final Rating: 8.5/10

Chris Redford Miami Dolphins Crossover

Good: Football crossovers aren't super common, so it's a nice refreshing change. Miami was a good team to pick, if not solely for the colors.

Bad: Though the idea could've worked, it didn't. This looks like a practice jersey. Some stripes would help take this concept a long way. The shoulder patches and TV numbers are upside down. It's an easy fix but it makes the jersey look a lot better. Put your name or ID on the concept. That way nobody can take credit for your design.

Final Rating: 4/10 (Keep making concepts. You will have a COTW winner in no time!)

John Roberts HC Lev Praha (KHL)

Good: First off, the execution on this is off the charts! Helmet logos, pants logos. Its looks so well presented and professional. Jake88's glove and helmet templates looks nice as well. I like the hem stripes. The coloured yoke and hem on the white jersey look sweet as well. (Kudos for adding the KHL logo to the collar insert and tags)

Bad: The logo is slightly large. I really, REALLY do not like the yoke stripes. They look almost cartoony and out of place. Again, put your name or ID on the concept.

Final Rating 9.5/10 and a COTW Nom from me!

Kirk Sandford San Jose Sharks
Good: Thank you for adding hem stripes. I hope the jerseys don't become too heavy. The return of grey is nice as well.

Bad: As Ryan has stated in a previous HJC update, and many writers have mentioned as well, ABCD and 2 numbers that follow each other are lazy, put Burns or Couture or Hertl or somebody. You need to cut all the extra bottom space out from below the actual jerseys, it makes it look unfinished. The white between the grey and black stripes blends too much with the grey. Put. Your. Name. Or. ID. On. Your. Concept!

Alan Johnson Anaheim Ducks

Good: The Colour is balanced well. Execution is good. Thank you for putting a real name and number on the jersey. The old Mighty Ducks logo fits well with the template...

Bad: ... which is exactly what it is. Though the concept doesn't look bad, it's just a template concept. It's the Ducks old road jersey with Mighty Ducks colours. It's nothing new. Presentation is ok, but not spectacular. It seems really bland. Maybe you could brighten it up by PUTTING YOUR NAME OR ID ON THE CONCEPT!

Final Rating 6.5/10 (Work on the execution and you'll be up to a 7.5 at least)

Well, Thanks for letting me come into your computer today, and every Tuesday! Be sure to vote!, and Leave a COTW Nomination in the comments! Who knows? You may be the one to nominate the COTY winner! Now how cool would that be? (Deja Vu much?)