Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday: Day 2: Seeing red!

Hi folks is Saturday you know that means? "More Concepts!"

NHL All-Stars concept (by Brian B.)
An modern form of an classic set, and an 90s set. This one could be a good set. He got the arm stripe right, the choosing of the collar was O.K. Using the Preds numbers, and nameplate is an good move. Modern "NHL" crest and stars with trim on the front gave that classy feel, with modern touch to it. The down point is the hem, and the small numbers down front corner of the hem. My suggestion is remove the small numbers, thin out the hem, and give it the same treatment as the arm stripes. Score: 8/10

Carolina Hurricanes Concept (by Steve)
Another NHL 4th jersey series by Steve, today it's the Carolina Hurricanes. Everything about this jersey is right on the money. The only thing I want to add on this concept is add the hurricane flags on the hems, and "Winner!" Score: 9/10

HC Slavia Praha concept (by Jake88)
This one is my cup of tea. Their current set was plain, but this one give some live to it, sure it just stripes, and piping but good enough spaces to put ads on them. The main logo is beautiful and deserve to be on the front without replaced with ads. The Dallas Stars numbers is an good touch too. Score: 8.5/10

Well that's Saturday. Be here tomorrow for day 3 of my crazy weekend, and remember send in your concepts in. Til then later.

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