Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday is Today

Well the title is about as normal is it gets, so is today. I would have posted yesterday but I went to my school's first football game, sadly we lost to our rivals 20 to 6, next year. Any way we have three concepts by my Admin Caden, so lets get to them!

Stadium Series (NYR V.S. NYI) (Caden)
Hmmm... Not sure about this one, I'm still not a fan of the side panels and logo found on the Rangers jersey. I do like the blue helmet and lack of vintage white on the Rangers jersey, though. The Islanders jersey isn't that bad, and the logo looks pretty cool, just not as a Stadium Series logo, especially on a team who (minus the fisherman era) has always used a variation of the original logo. One other thing I can't stand is the colored name bar, let that stay in Philly. Concept Rating: 7/10

Team USA (Caden)
Hmmm... Again this one's out there. The side panels look extremely bad, more so on the blue jersey. I dislike the logo, the olympic rings certainly aren't needed. The flag on the shoulders would look good but it's already on the front on the jersey so it's a bit unnecessary. The striping does look good, very simple, a lot better than what got they gave us. One side note Nike makes the Olympic jerseys, not Reebok, and there are Nike templates in Paint Users Paradise. Concept Rating 6.5/10

Stadium Series (LA V.S. ANA) (Caden)
Hmmm... For the third time. I'll start with the LA jersey. I feel as if I am one of the only people who like cut off chest stripes, and this one doesn't look bad with it. The logo looks bad because it is the only thing with silver on it on the jersey. Now to the Ducks jersey, Vintage White to me is a big no-no for Anaheim, and the orange, jade, eggplant, and black color scheme looks horrible. I'd add an eggplant yoke and numbers to it, and the template isn't the best idea for a Stadium Series game. For both jerseys the Boston Strong patch isn't necessary, for teams in California, also the socks are too templatey. Concept Rating 7.4/10

Thanks for reading, and I hope the rest of your day is a good one!     

Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank Goodness It's Friday

As the ECHL season is just around the corner, I'm busy getting things ready for the Evansville Icemen! Thats why the post is so late! What jersey do you want to win JOTM? Email us and let us know!

Alan John Herbert starts us off with a concept for the " North Bay Battalion" a OHL team. The execution on the jersey is great! butttt..... I'm really not a fan of the shoulder yoke going up and around the reebok wordmark on the back of the jersey.  I would also have the Helmet match the equipment, aka Black helmet or green pants.

Good concept overall so I think it can get away with 8/10

Jake88 gives us a almost perfect Montana State concept. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the "Baby Poop Brown" (term coined by Nashville's old 3rd) Third jersey but it could work. I would also put the "M" on the shoulders of the home and away jerseys and the "Bobcat" on the alternate shoulder.

Concept Rating, Another 8/10 for Jake88

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday. New Jerseys All Alround

Well we have more jerseys coming out now, including the Wild unveiling a new away jersey soon, and the Sabres making the horrible third it looks like we're getting. In todays post I will give my prediction for the Wild jersey (before the third and fourth pictures were unveiled). Also check icethetics for the latest jersey news.

*edit by Caden. The Wild have released the third and fourth pics. Jakes concept is spot on!

Minnesota Wild (Jake88/Me)
The striping for this is based on the extended yoke on the now obsolete jersey. I also edited the yoke to curve in like the new Sabres jersey but not as drastic. The color of the number also changes from red to green. For good matters I changed the cut to the new Stars jerseys.  

Boston Bruins (Caden)
I really like the idea of these simplified Bruins jerseys. All of these are missing something big, that being Bostons signature yoke stripe, in fact, they had that yoke stripe on all the jerseys since 1940, and on 5 designs before that. A hem stripe would be a nice addition as well. But then with all of my suggestions you get the exact uniforms they have now. One thing I do think is a good touch is the Boston Strong patch and jersey. Even the side panels don't look that bad. The only thing I'm afraid of, is that if the Boston Strong jersey were to be wore this year it would be to late. 7.7/10

Thanks, as always, for reading, and I bit you ado!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday: I Take Back Everything!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for the late post, I forgot. Today I will rate the new Olympic jerseys unveiled. Yes, these went pretty much under the radar is here's the link to the Icethetics article. The jerseys are there so check it out.

I don't really like USA's jersey. The logo on it looks to Rochester Americans. The jersey is way worse the "stars" on the yoke look HORRIBLE, and to add to that the fake laces are even worse! The collar with the two gold medals is a nice touch, and the striping in different and looks nice. To sum it up, the Americans got a throwback style logo, glued on stars and fake laces on the jersey. Also the jersey could benefit from a hem stripe.

God, what the Russians are suiting up in are even worse! By that I mean the white jersey. What I take from that jersey is the 90's style jerseys are back. And that's more than bad.

Ok, now for the reason of the post title. I thought (up until now) that Nike had some good design features a could make some nice NHL uniforms. Now I hope Reebok can protect that contract. Hey, a hem stripeless San Jose jersey is better than a Sharks jersey with a huge logo in the middle.

Bye, and again sorry for the late post.     

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hates and Greats: Greats

Hey readers, whoever you may be! Today was my first day of school and I'm not too sure I am going to like it, but you have to do it anyway. So today you will get the other half of the "Hates and Greats" jerseys and logos. Like last time the reviews will be short and simple. So sit down, relax and here they are!

Jerseys:, and


5. Nashville Predators (2011-pres)
Well as surprising as it is I like these. The piano in the collar is just as awesome. By the way if I ever get a chance I want to buy the yellow one, with Weber on the back, yeah that will be nice...

4. Anaheim Ducks (2010-pres)
Anaheims currents are sick, I can't say it any other way. No other NHL team uses that template which makes it even more unique. The third is by far the best though.

3. Pittsburgh Penguins First Blue Alternate (2008-11)
I don't know maybe it's the fact that this was my first jersey or that the my favorite team is the Pens, but this jersey is a respectable throwback. It's nice.

2. Dallas Stars (2013-pres)
Before I get the Nashville home, I must get the Dallas home. Yes, I haven't seen these on the ice. But, I want these now!

1. Nashville Predators Alternate Jersey (2009-11)
Can someone please tell me why these aren't on the backs of Nashville players now? Best jerseys that ever graced the NHL.

5. Tampere Tappara (SM-Liiga) (1975-Pres)
As old as this is, it still looks sharp, and definitely works to this day.

4. Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod (1991-pres)
Again, classic, but it works and looks good even today.

 3. Winnipeg Jets (2011-pres)
Simplicity is bliss, the Jets did a good job with that saying. I even have an Enstrom shirt.

2. Colorado Rockies (1976-82)
Even though the Rockies were short lived they made a good simple logo, that ties in great with Colorado in general, and could be used today.

1. Alaska Aces Alternate (2003-pres)
A bit of modern finishes the list. My only dislike is the grey text, it's better white.

Thanks as all ways for reading, and have a good rest of your day!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


YO! Its Caden here! remember to vote for me in the Favorite writer poll! I'm sick in bed so sorry for the late post! I have a good jersey today/night so lets go ahead and get started! Go ahead and submit your jerseys for the August JOTM contest before it's too late!
This is a concept for the Q-Leauge by Jake88. I like everything  but the weird yoke and the logo. 
Concept rating 9/10

The HCIHL due to lack of owners has been shut down. :(

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday: Different Than Expected

Hey guys, Jake88 here. I have something different than you guys thought. First of all my brother's birthday party is today (he turned ten) and I have hockey after that, and to add to it, I am a big procrastinator. So this post doesn't work out, considering the long amount of reviews I have to give for the "Hates and Greats Part Two" so you get this, just another jersey by me. Sorry.

Mississippi Surge (Jake88/me)
You can see I have fallen in love with this template, as it has been on all of my recent concepts. The jersey I originally envisioned was a Sabres like jersey, hence the piping on the template, but this looked a lot better. I also took the grey out of the logo which looks nice. 

Again sorry that this isn't what you expected, but hey it's what you get.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hates and Greats: Hates

Well since I really haven't been making that many concepts of late,and you guys haven't been sending in anything, I decided to do this, make a likes and dislikes list. First the credits

Logos and some jerseys
Some jerseys

5. The "Flying V" Vancouver Canucks (1979-81)
Vancouver's original jerseys had a V in the striping. Wasn't this taking it to far?

4. The "Wild Wing" Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (1996)
The logo and the font explain it all. The rest of the jersey isn't that bad.

3. "Yellow Ice" Kalamazoo K-Wings (IHL) (2009)
From Icethetics
And this isn't embarrassing how? It's sad that they still this is the ECHL.

2. St. Louis Blues Unused Jersey St. Louis Blues (1996-97
I am going to use the same line that the guy from the site mentioned above said. "OH GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? SOMEBODY KILL IT WITH FIRE! Unused for a reason."

1. "Stormy Jersey" Tampa Bay Lightning (1996-99)
Sadly it can't be killed with fire... Don't worry we can find a way, Hahahaha goodbye worst jersey in Tampa Bay history. Seriously it makes the brush font look worse.


5. Milwaukee Admirals "Skullhead" (2006-pres)
I love the color scheme, but with this comic book logo. It doesn't intimidate me at all, in fact I probably would hug it, does anyone want that.

4. "Vancouver Orcas" Vancouver Canucks (1997-pres)
Ok, ok this isn't that bad of a logo, but until I was about ten I thought a Canuck was a whale.
I know for a fact that Vancouver doesn't want that. And I'm sure I am not alone.

3. Kelowna Rockets (2000-pres)
How is this a logo today. I mean 90's. Someone make an update.

2. Kootenay Ice (1998-pres)
Another WHL logo, same comments apply.

1. Sapa Fehervar AV19 Erste Bank Hockey Liga (Austria) (2007-pres)

Likes will be on Saturday. Hey maybe Caden can do the same on Friday.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump Day!

Sorry for the late post. I had so much homework its not even funny! I like the sharks jersey except for the numbers on the front and the asymmetrical stripe. I rate san jose's jersey a 9.1/10
I wish this picture wasn't so blurry on the blog! i wasn't like that on my email! 
I like everything about the design except for the fading stripe on the bottom of the orange jersey. To Vancouverish (from their red to black fading alt of the 00's) . Execution ERROR time! the ECHL a couple months ago outlawed edge socks and jerseys in fairness to teams like Elmira with a attendance of 2,023 opposed to teams like Evansville with a attendance of 5,843 or FTW Komets (7,014) 

Rating 9.35/10

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday: Next Wave

For the people who have yet to see San Jose's new jerseys I have the good's right here.
I am not a fan of these, the Sharks had one of the best looks in the NHL, all they had to do is get rid of the front number and add the fin as a shoulder patch; but instead we get this. So far the Sharks, Canes, Remparts (QJMHL) Charlottetown Islanders (QJMHL)(good logo though), have all had bad jersey designs, as the Stars got IMO the best look in the NHL, and the Providence Bruins (AHL) dropped the white for a good look. Speaking of a new look, the Sabres 3rd jersey is probably going to suck too. Here's a link to the take on the new jerseys.

San Jose Sharks (Jake88[me])
This is how I think that San Jose should have made the "minor changes". The changes I made were the name plate yoke, on the Stars template which is my favorite template. The striping stays the same and so do the numbers. The new alternate is inspired by the pre-edge alt. with the bent arm stripes. I added a hem stripe to complete the jersey, something the new jerseys need. Sometimes I think that Reebok can make the best looks and San Jose was one of the things that cemented that for me, now the trust in Reebok is going away. Give me your opinions on my idea of the perfect Sharks jersey in the comments.

Also pay attention to the HCIHL, I want some more teams in it, and you guys can provide. 

Monday, August 19, 2013


Pageviews took a turn for the worst last week, but they're back up again! Tomorrow will be 3 weeks whoo hoo! Congrats to Jake88 our assistant writer and HCIHL president for winning Concept of the Week on HJC.

This is a HCIHL concept based off the LA kings (credit to steven1010 for the logo) that I made.
The North Carolina Monarchs were the pioneer franchise in the HCIHL, soon to be joined by the Altoona Express 2 days later. I brought the "Burger King" template back for the Alternate but used a black version of the main logo. Also the away jersey is GREY not light purple as some may presume. I tried to create a white less away jersey but still have it look good.
Tell me you're thoughts in the comments

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hey guys, for the second consecutive day Jake88 is here. I won COTW on HJC so I am very happy! We have two concepts today one by me, and the other by Caden. Keep sending in your concepts, as we haven't had many as of late. Not much in the hockey world, going on, except the Province Bruins new jerseys, Icethetics has us covered for that. My review on those is that the Yellow home is sweet, but the colored namebar is not. That should stay in Philly, ok. I also am not a fan of the whiteless alt, for that exact reason white should be included somewhere on the jersey and not just the logos. I do like the yellow neckline though, it's like the old LA Kings Alt. On to the concepts!

St. Louis Blues (Caden)
 Caden took my advice on his original St. Louis concept and came up with this. I will give this extra points for using my Easton helmet template, but like it say's on my blog a credit would be nice. Now I think that the yellow away is almost perfect, I would just put the tv numbers lower. The same critique applies for the blue jersey. Also for both jerseys the reebok logo should be the wordmark, and there shouldn't be a reebok logo on the hem of the jersey. The Alt. looks very good, but with stripes like that a classic look is implied. What I mean with that is that the wordmark though it looks good should be in a more classic, or block font. You can download a block font here. Same critique applies for the numbers. Also the hem on the back of the jersey is the same as the front which it shouldn't be. Concept Rating 8.5/10

Altoona Express HCIHL Concept

Ok along with the onslaught of pictures I give you the finished* Altoona Express!
*Unless I get I really good idea.

Have a good rest of your day! And don't be afraid to give me that idea, tell me in the comments.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I know it really doesn't matter, but it's been one week since I posted my first HCI post. Also HCI now has a Twitter for the HCIHL, my concept for the league is in todays post. Here's the logo designed by me.

I made this really fast and here it is. Of course the star and leaf is for Canada and the US. If you want a team email us.

Altoona Express HCIHL cocnept (Jake88[me])
I included the logo I made for this fictional team. The colors are from the Altoona Curve baseball team, and the Express name is from Altoona's history of trains. Any C&C in the comments is welcome.

2014 Stadium Series (NYR V.S. NJ)(Caden)
Caden gives us the New York Rangers V.S. New Jersey for the Stadium Series second game. I think the "Weird Al Yankovic" name is right with the side panels and Rangers logo instead of the diagonal wordmark. Again I would use a block font instead of the Arial-like font you have. Concept Rating  7.3/10

As always thanks for reading! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Gold "fry" Colored Ice for FRYday

wazzzzzzuppppp!! Its Caden here with the second consecutive blog post. HockeyWEBReviw stated that HCI is a small IceThetics!!! Which was pretty flattering since IceThetics is a AMAZING website.

It looks like Chewie took a p*** on Smashville's ice!
The Predators decided to pull a daring stunt in dying their ice the color of their McDonald's ad on the ice.
No team above the AHL has done something like this before. The team confirmed that it shall be back at its proper "Reverse Black" before the start of preds Training Camp

We have two concepts today. So lets get started!

this is a SønderjyskE concept for a Danish team. I don't know much about foreign jerseys so I don't feel right judging it. I like the overall design though.

I like this jersey sent in by Ricky From BNG (HJC's Friday guy) I cant seem to find any execution errors aside from there being no TV numbers. I also don't like the logos (having nothing to do with the avalanche) or the asymmetrical third jersey.

Concept Rating 7.78878876288/10

1 more day closer to the start of the Hockey Season!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Jake88 is not available so I guess I'm going to write the post today.

We have a new banner on the website made up of "teaser" pics the Sabers released of there new third jersey.

We could always use more writers so if you want to write for HCI email me @

and to the concepts!!!

This logo I made the other day because I was bored. I thought the Devils would need a color flop so thats the only change I gave them to there logo. Tell me you're thoughts in the comments

Concept rating 8 /10

                                                         Courtesy Hockey Jersey Concepts

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We only have one jersey sent in for today but its a great one! Since school has started up I haven't had time to work on my own jerseys and this blog, so I chose the blog. Fortunately Jake88 has been able to write every other day taking the load off me. I also got my braces off yesterday!!!

We have a concept sent in by Kyle 
I like the concept completley and couldn't find one flaw. The execution error of Tim Thomas' name on the jersey make it not have a perfect score. 
Concept Rating 9.8/10

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hey guys, you have Jake88, today and we have two new concepts for twosday, see what I did there. I also have some news. Of course, this isn't very important to the non-hardcore hockey fans, but European trophy just started and I am pretty excited! My favorite European team, Oulun Kärpät, will hopefully do better, and win the trophy!!!! Gotta get some merchandise, and wish I was there. Kärpät will play Berlin today and hopefully will win. You can follow the game here, but depending on what time you read this it may already be over.

St. Louis Blues (Caden)
If you read my advice to Caden on Friday, you can see he took it and made this. I like the idea of a yellow jersey for the Blues, but only as a alternate (if that were to happen they could build a home and away off their AMAZING alt., IDEA!!!!!). The problems I have with this set are mostly execution errors, such as, the T.V. numbers on the yellow jersey cutting into the piping, the Reebok logo on the back instead of the script, the AHL tag instead of the NHL (and the NHL shield isn't on the collar insert), and the blue behind the collar on the yellow jersey. But those are minor. My real problems with the set are the Number font (I would use a block font) the white numbers on the yellow jersey (BLUE), and the weird colored cuffs (just make them yellow). Other than that this reminds me of myself, when I began to make concepts,  thats good, I think. Concept Rating 7.8/10.

Washington Capitals (Anonymous)
The unnamed one sends us this Caps concept that I like. Again read my Friday advice to Caden, as I think it pertains to this concept too. The workmark on the back of the jersey looks cool except that on the red jersey the "washington" gets lost, so color that white. I also like the choice of logos. 7.5/10 (since it really isn't that original) 
Thats it for today, I of course will be keeping up on the European Trophy and if you like hockey you should too! In the coments tell me your favorite euro team. One more thing since HCI got a Twitter I did also. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday (UGH!)

The only thing sent in today was a concept logo by Steven1010. The concept logo is a logo for the fantasy ECHL North Carolina Monarchs. I love the logo design but I would use a different font for the "NC" at the top of the logo. I would give this design a 9.4/10

HCI is on Twitter @HCIblog! Give us a follow!!!