Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Olympic Jersey Reviews: Part 1

Hi guys, see the title. I will be doing posts of two jerseys each until I run out of jerseys to do. So lets cut to the chase!

So in my opinion these could be so much better, while staying with the original design. All this jersey needs is a arm and hem stripe. Jersey Rating: 7.5/10

Jake88 Fix
With my Crappy Photoshop skills

Ok these are like Russia's, one classy dark colored jersey, and the... outside the box... crappy jersey. If you have to go down that path with the flag striping, I'd say just make an inverse of the blue jersey. But really that white jersey is almost unfixable. I mean why is Nike making hockey soccer. Ugh. Jersey Rating: 6/10

I hope you can agree with my ratings and maybe Caden can do this tomorrow.

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