Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday: Playoff Hockey? Great!

Hello everyone, and welcome to HCI!
It's been an eventful week for me so far, as my Babcia (Great Grandmother, Polish) passed away because of cancer. :( Although, she lived a very long life, as she was 100 years old! She told a story that when she was a little girl, she was in a refugee camp - and a bomb was flying her opposing (I think) soldier was either trying to push her into the bomb, or probably to get her out of the way. The soldier was struck and she was able to escape.


Playoff hockey has been great so far, but it's too bad that so many good teams get eliminated in the first round. Like St.Louis, and the loser of LA vs SJ.

Now on to the concepts:

Justin S. - Calgary Flames

Justin is here with a Flames concept! The home and away jerseys remind me of the old flames jerseys! The colours of the striping is good, instead of using the old Calgary alt logo, you could recolour the main Flames logo. I just don't really like that alt Flames logo. The alternate has the beloved (to me anyways) arm striping, although the random red stripe just before the TV numbers, and the yellow and black caution stripes I don't like. They should be changed to maybe solid yellow or white? Pretty good concept from Justin!

I recently made a Toronto Maple Leafs logo, (in production of my Heritage Classic HABS VS LEAFS concept) so here it is! I traced a real maple leaf and I think it turned out pretty well.

That's all for this post...thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday: A German concept, and a rant.

Hello everyone, Alan here for another Saturday edition of HCI. I got one concept today for the first time in two weeks, but first, I got a quick rant. 
Last week I did my playoffs picks and let just say that one series that I though it would go all the way to 7 games with the Habs beating the Lightning, well the Habs did beat the Lightning, but only in 4 games, mainly because Tampa didn't really show up, Their main goalie is hurt, and their main star Stamkos is not at his 100%, witch means the Habs pretty much got their way in this series.

Now on to the concept.

Team Germany Concept [by Jake88]
Up points: The white jersey is well designed nicely, the stripes are brilliantly place at the right spots on both jerseys. The main logo is simple, but fits well with them jerseys.
Down points: The white sock isn't really right with black on the top of the sock. The number fonts is alright, but it looks plain to me without trims around it. Nameplate fonts is good but it's too big to me.
My suggestion: Either remove the big black on top of the white sock, or move it to the bottom of the sock. Add trims around the numbers.

Well that's Saturday. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend, til then later.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday: Like a Well Oiled Duck

Glad to be writing you today, Ricky Mazella here for another HCI Friday! The Lightning are out, the Kings stave off elimination, and everything else is relatively entertaining. But we have some entertaining concepts too - let's have a look see, shall we?

Anaheim Ducks
Submission by: Jake88

Jake starts us off with one of the most graceful Ducks concepts I've ever seen. That's pretty good given the lack of use of this crest logo. This could still use a face-lift, but it will do just fine. The numbers are a tad large all around, and the hem needs to be fixed up tremendously - I'd rather it match the arm stripes than the yoke. While the pants are what is regularly used, I've never been a fan of it's thin stripe.  Otherwise - It's the same old song.

Edmonton Oilers
Submission by: Alan John Herbert

This was a concept inspired by a contest over at HJC. This is one of the best I saw in that contest. It makes a lot of sense too - the curvature says it all. I have many times tried to patch together such a concept and it just never happened, this is somewhat something I had in mind. I wouldn't mind seeing a little orange in here, but that was changed from copper in the original color scheme to this logo set.

Another HCI installment in the books means time to get back to playoff hockey. Whichever your team is, relax and enjoy the great quality of hockey to come!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday: De Pens

No I don't have a long write up about how my team lost after having a 3-1 lead in double O.T., or how we can't score on powerplays, I just have a concept for them.

After missing my last two posts I couldn't comment on our HCIHL, so now I will.
The Rivs pulled it out against the Stags and won the first Patafie cup, and their GM, was Caden Patafie... Coincidence?... Yeah probably.

The Lynx held onto the 3rd place spot through most of that series (I think) but the Foxes came back to win.

In the second consolation game, the my Express, now the Bighorns, pulled it out and won. And in the end, I somehow made Alan's Sabreswords lose two of their Regular season games they had already won, and the Express came in 5th. (See Season Standings)


Pittsburgh Penguins (V. Contreas)
V. brings us this Pens concept. Believe me, I am all for the return of athletic gold, and dropping Vegas. Do I think Mario's ever gonna do it, No, but someone must have (for the better) swayed his opinion for the new rumored alternate. THANK YOU, for using the correct logo from that time period, not the new one, nor the Pigeon. I like everything about this concept but two things. 1. Silver. No silver or gray, or anything relating to that 90's alternate (which isn't bad, for it's time, but it needs to stay in the past). and 2. The striping order. If you turned the gray into white this would be fine, but the gray stripe, as it is now, is in the middle of the sleeve stripes and the top (outer) of the hem. It just looks sloppy. Concept Rating 7.5/10, the exclusion of gray would help so much.


Ok then, hope you liked todays post, first concept in a while.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday: Alan's Playoffs picks

Hi everyone, Alan here for your another Saturday post here on HCI. No concept today sadly, but I got my perdition of who going to win their 1st round of this year NHL playoffs, now I know it already started but hey might as well, let's go.

Eastern Conference
Boston [A1] vs. Detroit [WC2]
Boston: The Presidents Trophy winner is more ready then ever, heck Iggy played like he is in mid 20's, primed and scoring like crazy, some players are in their "A" game.
Detroit: The Wings are in the playoffs for the 23rd year in a row, just barely with some key players injured yet they're here.
 Overall: Bruins will have the edge on this one.
My Pick: Bruins over the Wings 4-1

Tampa Bay [A2] vs. Montreal [A3]
TBL: Last year they missed the playoffs, this year they're in the top 3 of the Atlantic division, what's makes it more surprising they did most of this season without Steve Stamkos and the the team took a risk and traded Martin St.Louis to the Rangers for Ryan Callahan, so far it's pretty well a winner for the Lightning.
Montreal: The Habs had their ups, and downs this season but in the end their in. The players were playing their "A" game, mainly Price who is playing like he's in the Olympics! The Habs are the only Canadian team that is in the playoffs.
Overall: One of these teams have what it takes to go to the second round no ifs, or buts about it.
My Pick: Habs over the Lightning 4-3

Pittsburgh [M1] vs. Columbus [WC1]
Pittsburgh: Just like last year the Pens played well in this season to be number 1 in their division.
Columbus: Well deserving to be in the playoffs, they got players who are at their "A" game, and the number 1 cop playing like he played last season that got him the Vezina trophy!
Overall: I don't see Columbus moving on to the 2nd round, but I do see this series going all the way!
My Pick: Pens over CBJ 4-3

NY Rangers [M2] vs Philadelphia [M3]
NYR: Got ousted in the semis, but this year they got some good players, good enough to hopefully go all the way to the finals.
Philly: Last year they played bad, this year they put their heads back in the game and made it to this year playoffs.
Overall: The way these two teams played this season in 2 to 2 season series ,it could go 7 games, but I got a feeling it won't be a 7 games.
My Pick: NYR over the Flyers 4-2

Western Conference
Colorado [C1] vs. Minnesota [WC1]
Colorado: After taking a big downfall from previous season, the team did some fixing with some good draft picks, trades, even the staffs, and here you go the team is back in the playoffs.
Minnesota: For the 2nd year in a row the Wild are in the playoffs, nothing to say about it.
Overall: Wild got in the playoffs, but the Avalanche got this one.
My Pick: Aves over the Wild 4-1

St.Louis  [C2] vs. Chicago [C3]
St.Louis: The Blues got game this season, but do they got what it take?
Chicago: Last year Stanley Cup champions are here and ready to defend their title.
Overall: The blues maybe better then the Hawks division wise, but in the playoffs it's a whole different story.
My Pick: Hawks over the Blues 4-2

Anaheim [P1] vs. Dallas [WC2]
Ducks: The team is determent to go all the way and win the cup.
Stars: For the first time since 2007-08 season they are back in the playoffs.
Overall: The Stars may have returned back to the playoffs, but the Ducks will make a quick series out of this.
My Pick: Ducks over Stars 4-0

San Jose [P2] vs. LA [P3]
SJS: The Sharks had a good season, over 100 pts this season is good enough to in the top 3 in their division.
LA: The Kings played very well this season, nuff said.
Overall: Battle in Cali one will rise, one will choke.
My Pick: LA over SJS 4-2

Well that's my picks for round 1! What's your perdition? Who will move on to the 2nd round? Who will go all the way? Who knows we will have to sit back and enjoy the playoffs, until then later.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday: Cup Runneth Over

There isn't really much to talk about other than playoff hockey at this point in time. That's all I'm going to discuss. My picks are in and you'll get tot see them right now.

Not to sound biased but yes I did pull for my Ducks. But I guarantee that it won't be a walk in the park. I am looking forward to seeing more after the last couple of days worth of games! Sayonara.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday: Playoffs!

Hello, HCI Readers!
It's the most wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmeee oofff the yeeearrr! PLAYOFF TIME!

My team isn't in contention (blew it) but I'm rooting for Boston. I hope the Jackets and the Avalanche do well, they deserve it.
I'll most likely be following Boston VS Detroit, Chicago VS St.Louis, Montreal VS Tampa, Anaheim vs Dal- you know what? I'm gonna try to watch at least one game from each series. (Maybe :P)

Now on to the concepts:

Indiana 500's - Jake Miller and Caden Patafie

I remember seeing this concept on another site - very good. I am a NASCAR fan/overall racing fan and I like the idea behind this concept. The striping is great, and I like the little swoosh/curve on it. I wish that this concept had a tire somewhere, but then again - it might conflict with Detroit's logo.Wonder what it would look like to have a bit of the collar, I wish that the socks included red. I really have no big complaints about this concept, really solid. Nice job, boys.

That's all for this post, make sure to come back tomorrow!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday: Ying and Yang

Hi everyone, Alan here for another Saturday post here on HCI. Did you all miss me? I do! Today no concept, but that doesn't mean I can do some reviews, here are two alternates that I will review them, one from the WHL, the other from the NHL, one that is good, and the other that is ugly. Let's get to it!

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey
 During the team's 40th Anniversary season they had that to me could have been one of the best alternate jersey the team ever wore, until after the 2011-12 season the higher ups decide to ditch it, and bring in a new alternate. So let me get this straight, we went from a good alternate, to this horrible alternate. When I saw the first image that is yellow, I thought it's going to be all yellow jersey, then the logo, at that time I thought it's going to be a good alternate jersey just like the team last alternate. But comes some more images until the leak and believe me this was a disaster of a jersey. First of all the idea of cape style could of work but with both numbers, and nameplate fonts ruins it for me. Arm stripes are terrible, nuff said. I see some white on the jersey, but I don't feel it live up what it suppose to. The collar is O.K. but could of done better. Lastly the captain, and alternate captain with two swords could be the only thing that is cool, but on this it's bad.
So overall I hope the Sabres put this jersey out of it misery.
   My Recommendation: Buy it at a thrift store!

Calgary Hitmen Alternate Jersey
 This jersey is base on the team's first ever set! I got to say despite there is pink on this jersey, but the pink color is well tame, it's like they added to give it an eye popper effect, and it work pretty good. The arms is good, nice use of the flame detail on it. The hem is plain but simply put together. The colors beside the pink the grey, and black work together very well. I like how they use the team's first logo as a shoulder patch, followed by the team's anniversary patch. The only two things I got with it's the TV numbers being black intend of white, and second the fonts now I know it's good and all, but I felt like they didn't need it. If they change the fonts to a standard block that is white with pink trim around it on both the back, and on the sleeves, make the flame stripe in the arms go a little higher.
Overall best alternate jersey the team got, and who knows maybe we can see these as the team's main dark jersey set intend of the team's current dark jersey.
My Recommendation: Buy it at full price, it's well worth it!

Well that's my reviews on two alternate jerseys, I know I'm little late in posting this, but well worth it. Until then later.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday: Sports Talk Radio Coming to HCI?

Howdy do? I have no concepts for you but wanted to post something. It isn't sports related but is a one off hint as to what might or might not come next. My college radio station just purchased soundproofing and I helped put it up yesterday. What posters/art/etc . . . would you put in the gaps?

Left Side                                Right Side


We're going to spruce it up, but imagine if it was exclusively hockey. What would you want to see in it? Just something to think about


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday, not in the mood.

Hey. While I am writing this post. I've had a lot of personal issues, and apologize if the post isn't as good as it normally is. I have a bunch of freakin awful ideas for changes to the blog, but we might just keep it status-quoe. I'm sorry. I'm just... Alright, concept...

Dylan Wonka LA Kings
This would be a pretty good alternate for the Kings,and even though it's a throwback, it is an original design! So kudos for that.

I like the purple color. It is the color associated with royal, so it just works for the Kings. I also like the including of white. Look sweet as well. Yoke stripes look cool. 

I'm not really a fan of the yellow namebar, white with a gold outline would look better. I would've used the LA ligature from the staidum series as a shoulder patch on one side, and the crown logo on another.

Thanks for reading. See you Tuesday...


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday. Hint to our changes, "AllSport Sports Drink"

Hello readers! Ok, so I've changed my mind about all of my changes, and me and Jake primarily, with help from the other writers, are trying to come up with ideas, and I think I have something. So stay tuned! Hint, AllSport Sports Drink!

Joey Fryd Modern Toronto Arenas?
I'm not sure what this concept is for, A revival of the Arena's, or (probably) a fuaxback for the Leafs. I'm going to say it's a Leaf fuaxback, because of the number 81 and the A (Kessel). 

Design: The Leafs haven't worn anything like this, Ever! I appreciate the creativity.
I'm not a huge fan of the "swoopyness" of the whole design. It would look really good as a Sharks jersey. I would have added a shoulder patch, not sure what, but something.

Execution/Presentation: Good job blurring out the background. Many times the backgrounds on concept art is distracting, which is why I appricate the simple consistency of Icethetics. 

The TV numbers are too small, and I think we could get a better look at things if we saw a back to the concept too.

Hey, thanks for reading! New stuff coming soon! 


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday: Changes in HCI-Town

Hello everyone, Joey here! If you saw Caden's post a few days ago, there will be a name change to HCI; more options for concepts (rinks, sticks, etc). I think that all of the staff members are looking forward to the new changes! We are still trying to think of a new name, but in the meantime - why don't YOU; the readers - send in some ideas for the new HCI? Overall, these changes will benefit our site!

Lately, I've been getting into hockey more than I ever was! I have to thank the Chicago Blackhawks for beating the Columbus Blue Jackets!! Now, the Leafs' playoff hopes are still alive! Toronto plays Winnipeg tonight!

My favourites to win the cup are:

St. Louis Blues
Boston Bruins
Chicago Blackhawks

I honestly think that the Blue Jackets' will do surprisingly well, as they have in the regular season.
What are your predictions for the playoffs this year?

Now on to the concepts:

Las Vegas Lynx - Matt McElroy (with Kevin Cottrell)

Now we have another HCIHL concept! The Las Vegas Lynx - if this team was in the NHL, I would
definitely love these jerseys! Although, this is on the Nike Swift Olympic Template. I can see those pinstripes in the logo and the jersey, and they look pretty cool. The blue and grey colours mix well, and for a modern team with a modern logo, the striping pattern looks well. I wish the pants either didn't have striping, or have the striping that is on the socks/jersey. That shoulder patch is pretty cool, but I'm not sure if it is a custom made logo or not. The main logo reminds me too much of Tom & Jerry - if it was a bit "meaner-looking" I think that it could work well. Overall, pretty good jersey for the HCIHL! I like it!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for some beneficial modifications here at HCI!

-EDIT BY CADEN- Sorry for the mistakes. Joey didn't know that Matt made the logo. Kevin sent me the jersey, but I'm not exactly sure who made it.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday: King of the World

Back in action for the first Friday in the month of April. It's "the magic of Ricky Mazella" according to yesterday's tweet from HCI's official account. Let's begin the weekend off with a bang, starting right now!

Dylan gives us a slice of retro-modernism. With everything current about the jersey elements, there isn't much to be surprised about (though I must say ditch the Bettman stripes). However, he brings back yellow to be reintroduced to the color scheme. There is also a lot more white featured on this jersey (et al). I don't think I like seeing that much white, but bringing the gold back takes a good step back towards the past but forward in the right direction.

Speaking of kings, the "King of New York" once again has become a pivotal point in my life. I had another jersey come in earlier this week. It is my first in the sport of basketball. Why am I posting about a basketball jersey? Well for one thing it would make a good hockey spin-off, but I am a jersey enthusiast in general. My favorite team, a player with all of his 18 seasons for that team, it's one of the few exceptions I make for purchases. This was a jersey that had almost completely alluded me for several years. I came across one for $10 (opening bid) but didn't have a Paypal account and my neighbor freshman year (last name Miller) saw me looking at it and I told him to try for it. He got it at that opening bid. Three years later and $30 more expensive with free shipping both times, I am home.

Another HCI post down. Meanwhile I'm having a much better round so far in HCIHL play (not that the consolation match mean's anything). Well I hope that the last few games of the regular season are as exciting as you hope - QUACK!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday: One Wednesday only!

Hi everyone Alan here! Let me explain a long story short. Joey got homework, ask me to fill in for him, so we made a deal, the end! So that means I'm doing today's post while Joey takes care of this Saturday post, so hopefully no ain't too heartbroken (or too ticked off) let's get to some concept shall we.

 Team Latvia Concept [Jake88]
Up points: The main logo on the front of the jersey fits the team very well. On the white it has two maroon stripes on just both the arms, the socks, and the chest it's good and not over the top. The colored one only got one stripe, but look classy to my cup of tea. Lastly good choice of fonts on both nameplate, and numbers.
Down points: Those stupid fake collars, I hate them. The equipments are all black, the only maroon colors I see is the trim around the "CCM" logo, and the shield logo on the helmet, it just doesn't fit well with the concept to me.
My Suggestion: Add at least some more maroon color to the equipments to fit with the jerseys.

Well that's Wednesday post for you all, be here tomorrow for your regular writers post until this Saturday as Joey will post one for me. Lastly I got a video from the good old YouTube! It's a Buffalo Sabre player receiving a wrong helmet! Until then, later.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday, Change from a vending machine!

Howdy do HCI Family? First off I'm glad you are still reading this blog, even though we aren't doing as much of the concept thing preparing for our big change. Also, me and Jake, With the help of a couple other people, decided to make a change that will much betterify HCI.

Another change, The name!!! Yup! We won't be called Hockey Concept Ideas for long! The HCI Staff still isn't sure what the name is going to be, but we will let you know when we create one. Don't worry, I will set up a redirect to the new URL.

Writers! We might get some new writers, maybe not. I'm going to try to shuffle around the schedule to try to do what works best for everyone.

Material! The concepts won't be the main feature of the site. What we are going to do, is have an Icethetics'esque design blog, but feature more "behind the scenes design". What I mean is, Instead of doing Jerseys and logos like Icethetics, We can do more like, Locker room stuff, Team tracksuits, Practice jerseys, Designs on non team stuff, like sticks and skates... ETC.

More to come on the changes! TTYL!