Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday: St.John IceCaps 3rd jersey review

Hi everyone it's Saturday, another day, and another post by me yours truly. I decide to instead of posting concepts today, I will review the St.John IceCaps 3rd jersey. For those never heard of them, the St.John IceCaps are the Winnipeg Jets farm club team, and my cousin works for the IceCaps in the entertainment department.
Picture from IceCaps Facebook page
Picture from IceCaps Facebook page
Picture from IceCaps Facebook page
The first look at this jersey it remind me of the Hartford Whalers old set before they move to Carolina, the things that made it different it's got silver square yoke with white stripe, and tie down collar. The front logo is nice, is modern it felt like it could be a good logo replacement if they decide to, having the Jets logo on one side of shoulder, and the flag of Newfoundland and Labrador on the other side is an nice touch. The socks match very well! The team's numbers and nameplates is the same as their current home and road. Overall: Nice 3rd that isn't over the top. My Recommendation: Buy it!
Well that's my review of the St.John IceCaps 3rd jersey. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the fine weekend, til then later.

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  1. I'm absolutely love these, I've been waiting for the Cabot Tower to appear. Go Cappers!


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