Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday .

Hey! Caden here to bring you guys todays post! My Team, The Evansville Icemen are 3-0 and tommorow we are playing another 3-0 team. I'm excited for that! No jersey news to report of so I will quickly say, To the concept!

Ducks/Kings Stadium Series Me
I made this concept for the stadium series LA game, Tell me what you think in the comments!

Unlike the Stags, The Louisville Lynx are 0-4 and not doing too well! I hope they can turn things around!

Had to write quick so, THANKSFORREADINGBYE!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday: All Hallows Eve Eve

Hello guys, Justin here. I just wanna wish all of you a safe Halloween for tomorrow is any of you are going out. I'll cut to the chase and straight to the concepts.

HC Plzen by Jake88

-The "phantom yoke" on the dark jersey. I, personally, am not a fan of the phantom yoke, but, the double striping on the back and front makes it look nice and fresh.
-Double striping.
-Use of only 2 colours

-No shoulder patch
-Gloves. My suggestion, add a bit of white.

VERDICT: Once again a solid concept from Jake. 9/10

Winnipeg Jets by me.
I tried to use Dylan Wonka's hanger template. You can review it yourself or Jake and Caden can in the next week or so. If you don't know, Dylan is a writer on HJC.

St. Louis Blues by me,
This jersey is mainly inspired by the Blues jerseys from the 90s. Jake and Caden can judge it on a future post.

This Friday, I get to carry the Canadian flag onto the field during the anthem before a Canadian football game (Canada!). Also, this weekend, i'm going to an autograph signing with Pavel and Valeri Bure, Yvan Cournoyer, and Kirk McLean. so i'm glad it's hump day!!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday. "The first of many."

Hey guys! Caden here! You may have been wondering why my post is titled "The first of many". Well, since I won't be able to use the computer at all this week, I'm writing 3 prescheduled posts tonight. That means that you will all have the standard 2/3 concepts a day, but any jersey new will be left to Justin or Jake to report. You can also get the more detailed jersey articles on Icethetics. To the concepts!

Kolner Haie Jake88
 Jake88 brings us a Kolner Haie concept which is much better than what they currently wear.

The yoke
The matching Arm/Hem stripes
The pants stripe

The Black helmet with the away jersey
The weird glove colors. I would just have black and red.

Overall a solid concept which again is much better than there current set! A 9.8/10 from me!

Mighty Ducks (My first ever concept) Me

This was the first ever concept I made, and man! Back in my old days when is used template. My skills have (somewhat) improved since then! I think I'm going to redo that on a Paint Users Paradise Template sometime soon! Tell me what you think! 

A quickly written post! Thanks for reading! 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday: 'Ello All

'Ello all! I have a new concept that I can share with you guy's along with an older concept by Ricky Mazella. You may know Ricky from his blog Buffalo Nickel Graphics or as the owner of the HCIHL's Skopje Lisici, whose scores for this week will be later in the post. Without further ado, here are the HCIHL scores!

Skopje Lisici 145.3 - London Sabreswords 127.2
Hamilton Stags 167.5 - Evansville Rivermen 143.5
Altoona Express 135 - Louisville Lynx 114.1

So how about them Stags? 4-0! Make that 4-1 once my Express *win this week!

*Subject to change

Yeah.... Concepts?


Michigan State Spartans (Jake88/Me)
Even with a "M" team I decided on the beautiful (Classically Beautiful) Spartan logo. The striping on the green jersey is classic and to my surprise what the team uses now. But no, the jerseys aren't the same, but yes they are extremely close, all I did (this without researching the actual jerseys) was flip the hem stripe, and a few other minor changes. I thought that the fake laces collar didn't look horrible in green so those are used. The white jerseys are different though. Not much to say about them, so next concept!

Boston Bruins (Ricky Mazella)
The aforementioned Ricky brings us this surprisingly good concept for a team that is hard to make a good concept for. I like how realistic it is, in the sense of that the yoke has only small edits and the striping remains classic. I'd be a huge fan of the Bruins wearing yellow, maybe not full time, but everything looks good so all that is left is the rating. Concept Rating 8.7/10


So, remember that concept that I showed everyone awhile ago? The Maple Leafs one? I decided to remake it as a Mississauga Steelheads concept. Look for that soon! Bye!  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday: With new 3rd jerseys.

Hey guys, i'll be brief. I haven't had much time to type out a full blog post, but, I can update you on a jersey unveilings.


Squared yoke
Hanger effect.
Southern-style script, reflects Calgary as a "western "city.
Shoulder patch.

Huge a** collar and tie down laces.

I'm typing this on a rush. That's all folks. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday, college M day.

Hello reader folk! Not much to write about in jersey news. But tomorrow the Flames are releasing their highly anticipated 3rd jersey. I like the jersey and shoulder patches leaked on NHL 14, but not the baseballesque script + logo. It will be interesting to see and if Justin writes tomorrow, which he has to. I will be busy. He can give us the whole shtick. Since you are all busy and don't like listening to my rambling, I will be using William Butala's Yay or Nay review system again, to see what you think. Since none of you gave your review on the review yesterday. I'm rambling again! To the concepts!

Maryland Terrapins Jake88
Jake88 bring us the first of 2 concepts for today.

The flag striping
The font
The color balance
The UnderArmour template

The triangle pants stripe, I would make it thinner and straight down.
The cuffs on the white jersey
The collar colors
Also, Since the "M" is so boring. I would have a wordmark or logo on the red one. And relocate the M to the shoulders

When I first saw this concept, I fell in love with the flag stripes. Especially with a busy flag like Maryland's. Pulling that off is difficult. The font choice matched up well too. 

Concept Rating, 8.75/10

Jake88 with his second "college M concept" of the day

The arm stripes
The pants stripes
The sock stripes, ok. Just ALL THE STRIPES

Bland/Boring template. Unlike the last one, which was awesome!
The colors, I would have had yellow as the main dark color with a maroon accent.
The yoke on the white. I think unless it portrays to the area is in (like flag stripes) college jerseys should be somewhat simple.

Concept Rating 8/10

It's my 2nd day in a row writing! Whooo. What do you guys think of the way I reviewed the jerseys? Anything I forgot to mention? Just tell me in the comments! And keep sending in your concepts!

Thanks for reading!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday. 76! (Caden)

Hello fine readers! It's Caden here. I would like to announce that the NEW Rivermen jersey will be announced at a later date. Also, let us know in the comments what you think about the new template for the site, such as bringing back the top "pages" bar, and the addition of our templates and maps page. We also added a Jersey concept series page and a whole new website for the HCIHL! click the link at the top of the page or go to! I don't have much to say, except go to to check out the new logo the the Flames patented. On to the concepts!

PS. Today I will be trying out William Butala's Yay or Nay review system.

New York Islanders Chris Hengel
This is Chris' first concept on HCI, so let's cut to the cheese!

The colo(u)r balance on the away jersey! Minus the numbers
The grey element kept in the 3rd
The tie down collars 
The orange numbers on the black jersey
The filled in yoke on the third jersey

First, the presentation. The alternate gets lost because the background is so dark. Try using a light grey back ground.
The spacing of the numbers. The numbers seem too far apart.
While were on the topic of numbers, I think the away numbers should be Blue, and the home numbers be White.
The NOB font. It seems childish. Try using a arial or block font instead.
Using the same template for all 3 jerseys. The point of a third jersey is to be different. Not just a recolo(u)red Home/Away jersey. Check out our templates page for some great options! 

I liked the colo(u)r balance in the jerseys, not as much the numbers. I also loved the yokes on all the jerseys, but aspeicialy the 3rd. That's really all I have to say about the jerseys, so...

Concept Rating, 8/10

Team Turkey (LOL) Jake88
Jake88 brings us a concept for the HJC bottom 10 comp. Go vote for it! And my Isreal one! And Justin's South Africa one!

The wordmark
The crest
The striping
The yoke on the home, the shoulder patches on the away
The socks
The pants logo

The small NOB
The fake laces. Not Jake but Nike

Jake brings us a amazing concept where (for once) I'm not complaining! 

Concept Rating, 9.9/10

Hey guys! Thanks for reading! What do you think of Butala's Review system? It sure makes it easier for me! Tell me what you think in the comments! 

Again, Thanks for reading!!!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rivermen Extras!!! (Jake88)

Hello followers of this fine blog! I do say, I have some hockey jersey concepts for you today. I can hope that nobody has forgotten about the anniversary that is today. Yup, the 75th is upon us, only 25 posts to go until triple digits. I know that Caden is quite proud of the blog and I have to say I am too. In my opinion, the blog can only grow now, so lets make it happen! Send in your concepts, we'll grade them and tell you how you can improve! It's that easy!

Evansville Rivermen (Matt McElroy)
Everyone remember the concept that Matt made for my Express? Well here is one made for the Rivermen of Evansville. I will grade this concept like I graded the Express one. First the logo. I like just about everything about it, it truly looks like a good fantasy hockey logo! In fact, the Rivermen should've used it on their new jerseys! Only one complaint. Why the three stars? From my research the three stars don't appear on Evansville's flag, nor Indiana's, it would make sense for a team in Tennessee (Nashville uses it in their secondary) so an explanation would be helpful. To the jerseys. One word. AMAZING. Again all except for one thing, again a small tiny thing. Put the shoulder patch on both shoulders. Speaking of the shoulder patch, I would like to see it not cut off, I see an anchor and hockey sticks but thats all. So if you could give me a full size image that would help me envision it better. Concept Rating 9.4/10

Evansville Rivermen (Jake88/Me)
Ok, I had a reason for not using Matt's logo, THE SKYLINE FEATURE! Yes, this was a fix of the design Caden showed us all on Tuesday. I saw the design a few days before that and this is what I showed him. He wanted the skyline on the hem like on his concept, but I thought it would be to much, so he went with his design. I really like how the final product looks and I wish that he would have made this as the official design. 

So did you agree with Caden's opinion to make his design the official one? Just joking, I probably would have been angry if he used mine, and I don't know how Matt would have felt. Anyway I have made two more designs for my Big Ten redesign and I hope to show you one tomorrow. So, bye and have a great rest of your day!


I have decided to let you guys vote on which rivs jersey to use for next season! Here is mine in case you forgot!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Post number 74

Hey guys. Justin here. This OFFICIALY marks the post before our 75th post on this blog!! I just wanna thank Jake and Caden for adding me on as a 3rd writer and we've still got a bit more to go until 100.


Anaheim Ducks (Alan John Herbert)
I'm assuming this is from HJC's old Anaheim "Unused Colours" contest. I saw the "HERBERT" name on the back and I thought it was old Ducks goalie Guy Hebert's name. But then I saw the R in the name and turn out it was you last name, oh well. This is a nice jersey, using somewhat of a Flyers jersey design (ex: arm striping). The only thing I would change about this is the green number on the white jersey. Make the outline black and green and the inside orange and fill in that empty space behind the neck. it sticks out like a sore thumb, especially on the white jersey. Overall, good execution ann good concept as well.  9/10

Evansville Riverman (Caden Patafie)

When I first saw this, I thought it was an unfinished version of the jersey. Then I took a closer look. Hey, the logo's on the upper right chest! It's like a soccer jersey, almost. I don't mind a yellow-coloured kit (haha, soccer term there) but assuming if there is another team in the HCIHL with a yellowed coloured jersey, a white one would fit well. The cityline striping reminds me of the late 90s Coyotes jerseys. It would look cool if the striping went all around the jersey and on the arms. It would look really awkward when you have a player wearing these, celebrating a goal, arms in the air and seeing the cityline get cut off under the arms. And enlarge the logo! This ain't soccer. 8.5/10

75th post tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday. 73, 2 more to go!

Hey everybody! Caden here to bring you today's post. I cant believe the blog went from this,

To this,

In less than 75 posts! Though I had some thoughts about a REbrand for the site, and had some ideas. All the credit goes to Matt McElroy for making it happen! He designed the logo and background for the site, Also a BIG thanks to Justin Sulpico and Jake88, who also had some great ideas! Nothing much left to say except the Flames are unveiling there third jersey soon!

To the concepts!

CCCP (Alan John Herbert)

This was a concept for the HJC "If the Soviets returned contest". I like the color balance on the white jersey but not on the red. I would have made the numbers white with a black outline and have no outline on the namebar. The one thing I would change with the white jersey is the red yoke. Just make it white! I would also take the striping off the pants.

Concept Rating 8.6/10

Evansville Rivermen (Caden Patafie {Me})

I'm not going to review this jersey because I designed it. The Evansville Rivermen have announced this to be an option for their new jersey for the 2014/2015 season. Tell us what you think in the comments! Justin can review it Wednesday.

As we near 75 posts of AMAZING readers, Thanks for reading!!!

PS. Our pageviews as of 1:02 PM CST 10/22/13

United States

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday: One (Now Three) Before the Diamond

Welcome to the last post before HCI's diamond anniversary! It's amazing to me because I have been on this blog since the fifth or sixth post. Caden can also tell us how far this blog has come too, from the very amataure header with the plain background, to the Matt Mc. redesign of the blog, HCI deserves this 74th post! Anyway, the HCIHL scores after week 3 are as follows:

UPDATE: Ok just realized that this is not HCI's 74th post, rather it's 72nd. Two drafts can really affect that Blogger counting system. Ugh 

Hamilton Stags 128.5 - Louisville Lynx 120.3
London Sabreswords 139.8 - Altoona Express 125.8
Skopje Lisici 139.5 - Evansville Rivermen 125.8

Excuse me for not looking this up in the HCIHL rules, but I wonder what would happen if Altoona played Evansville. The scores are exactly the same and it doesn't look like there is any place for a tie in the standings. It would be pretty cool actually if they played eachother just to see the suspense near the end. 


Team Greece (Alan John Herbert)
This concept (like Cadens Israel concept) was for the HJC IIHF Bottom Ten comp. I really like Alan's simplification of Greece's logo. It really makes up for the jersey being so "stripey". The striping on the yoke even though I like them in most cases, look unnecessary on this concept.  One more thing, if you want the pants to be be striped like that, I would make it a tad smaller. The number/name font looks fine and so does the collar. Concept Rating 8.2/10

Penn State Nittany Lions (Jake88/Me)
First I have to say this. Sadly the Cross League Classic designing is finished. After I made the first four teams I kinda lost interest and decided on a Big 10 redesign instead. For this concept I wanted I chest stripe as I was thinking how amazing it would with the PSU Lion logo. In my opinion the extended yoke would look bad in white so I went with two different designs. Asking why I didn't just make a matching design for the blue sweater? I have a reason. Some of the earlier PSU jerseys had extended yokes on them (I can't find a picture online, but I know that I saw it somewhere) and I always wanted to make a chest stripe with an extended yoke jersey. Also I get to go to my first Penn State game on Friday night! Really excited and I would be even more excited if they came on the ice wearing those :-). 

Also, a note for my whole Big 10 redesign series. I will be doing teams that don't have a D1 team and teams that join the B10 in 2014.


Well that ends todays post. Hope you liked! Bye. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday! Icemen Home opener!

Whats up guys? Caden Here! It's Icemen opening day today so I am super busy! When voting time for the HJC Bottom Ten Contest comes around tomorrow, be sure to vote my Isreal Concept 1st place!
I am actually writing this post on Friday so I don't have HCIHL scores available, but they will be on the HCIHL website ( and Jake can put them on his Monday post. To the concepts!

Team Isreal (B10 Comp.) Caden P.

This is my Isreali Olympic team concept for the HJC contest. The 2 main jerseys are pretty simple and something you might see in the Olympics. The 3rd is not. Judaism Religion plays a big part. I made it Gold because "Heavan will be paved with streets of gold..." And the beams are supposed to be sun beams. It's gold for a practical purpose because it could be home or away. The script on the blue jersey says Isreal in Hebrew by the way. Tell me what you think!

Calgary 3rd "Justin Sulpico"
This is not as much a concept, as it is a guess. The Flames new 3rd jersey was leaked on NHL 14 and was spotted and posted on icethetics. This is pretty much a copy of that jersey. So I won't rate Justin's design, as much as the Flames design. 

My likes
All the black
The shade of red
The shoulder patch
The shoulder yoke

My dislikes
The asymmetrical stripes
The Script + small logo
The Small numbers
The NOB font
The tie down collar

Jersey Rating (as an actual jersey) 7/10
Concept Rating (if it was just a concept) 8.5/10 for the great execution!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hey guys, it's FRIDAY!!!!!

Hey guys, Justin here back from a blogging "hiatus", I should say. Things have changed a bit on the blog. If you check the top bar, a tab has been added for Jake and I's jersey concept collections. Go check them out.


Here are a bunch of concepts by me:

Rangers De-edge

HJC "IIHF Bottom 10" Contest Entry [South Africa]

Canucks De-edge

Some harmless self advertising here, below are some Facebook pages that I run, check them out and feel free to give them a "like":

Have a great Friday you guys. And a good weekend as well.-Justin

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Posting About a Concept Made in June

Hi guys. On the schedule that Caden sent me, today and Monday where my days to post, so I won't let him down, even though some writers who will remain unnamed seem to have forgotten... 

Toronto Maple Leafs (Jake88/Me)
Well, I made this a long time ago, or at least it would seem that way, five months isn't really that long when you look at it. The reason I wanted to show you guys this is because this was the first concept of mine on HJC, here is the post that it was on (my first rated concept on HJC was on this post). What is really funny about this is that I did many concepts before this concept that I never send in, and looking back on it, I probably should've. For this concept I wanted to add silver back into the color scheme and did so by outlining the numbers, logo, and the extended yoke in silver. There are a lot of things that I would change now, but I still think I did Ok for my first concept on HJC.


So, think I should make an update to that concept, I actually think that I will now that I think about it. So you can look forward to that next post.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Still Look Good!

Hey guys! Hope everyone watched the Ducks get a franchise record 54 shots on goal while wearing the franchise's first uniforms! To tell the truth, being a 13 year old and a Pens fan, I never got to see the Mighty Ducks uniforms in action, until last night, and can I say, THEY LOOK SPECTACULAR! The CCM designers that first thought them up must have been thinking "they (the jerseys) look amazing on Edge too; why did Reebok scrap them"? And other than the 90's logo, Reebok should have brought them into Edge. Also we can buy the jerseys at, but not on the Edge template. Seriously, why would Reebok sell the jerseys on the CCM template rather than their own. Also to note, for some reason there is no 20th anniversary patch or any customization. 

In the HCIHL, the Altoona Express beat Skopje Lisici by a score of, 179.8 to 156.4. The Rivermen topped the Louisville Lynx 108.8 to 68.9, and lastly the Hamilton Stags scored 155.1 points to beat the London Sabreswords 155.1 to 144.1. Remember to keep up with the HCIHL here. On to the concepts!


Charlottetown Islanders (Justin Sulpico)
To start off with this concept, I like the connection with the NHL's Islanders. The font, being the same as the Islanders, and the template too. I'm not sure if I like the gold font, but it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Of course there are execution errors, but whoever the HJC writer who reviewed this found them and told Justin them, so I won't mention them. I know that you didn't design the logo, but just my one problem with it since it came out, is that it uses an almost Arial like font in the top part of it. Concept Rating 7.8/10 (Execution errors, without execution errors a 8.5/10)

Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks (Justin Sulpico)
Sorry Justin, I CAN'T STAND THE OREGON STYLE WINGS! Those don't belong on a football jersey, much less a hockey jersey! I'd just add a shoulder patch myself. I like the stiping, but maybe to make the color balancing better, I'd make the cuffs on the white jersey black, and the wings (there has to be any) on the black jersey bronze or green. Concept Rating 7.4/10


Bye guys, and I will see you soon!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Post for the "Night Owls" !

Sorry for the Lateness! Me and Jake have been busy and Justin hasn't contacted me, so I guess I [Caden] will be writing today's post! 

HCIHL scores (At time of press)

These scores aren't final, but the Rivermen pretty have their game in the bag. I would almost dare to say that for Altoona too! The London/Hamilton game is pretty close though! Tomorrow when I get a chance I will put the Final scores on the HCIHL website.

On to the Concepts!

Toronto Maple Leafs (Justin Sulpico)

Justin gives us a "Team Canadaish" jersey set for our 1st concept today and I (here comes the scorn) REALLY LIKE IT! If you took all extra leaves off like around the captins "C" and on the back, and then made the stripes straight. You would have a great jersey! I'm a fan of out of the box stuff (as you see with 75% of my concepts) and this is great! The triangle stripes don't match the look of the jersey so I have to give this jersey a 


Evansville Icemen (Jake88)

Jake has a concept for my favorite team, The Evansville Icemen! I like the striping and font, the choice of colo(u)rs and everything! I would have done the "Face" on the helmet, or just the regular logo. The wordmark doesn't stand out enough! One note for your future ECHL concepts, their is a new rule in the ECHL that mandates the wool socks. Instead of the synthetic ones. To benefit lower budget teams.  Also gloves have to be one color and Reebok edge jerseys aren't allowed. 

Concept Rating 9.5/10

Thanks for reading! The next post from each writer will tell what they thought of "Mighty" Aniheim Ducks throwback night! Stay tuned!!!

Thanks for reading! 


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday, Jake88 special (Written by Caden)

Today is Jake88 day!!! We have 3 of his jerseys featured today! The Evansville Icemen have a Blue/White Exhibition game 80 miles away in Owensboro tomorrow, so I'm super busy! Being a stickboy and all! I've been given a big honor as a jersey designer but I can't tell you what it is quite yet! I will fill you with developments when I can!

Bridgeport Sound Tigers Jake88

Jake88 made this awesome jersey for the Sound Tigers using an old Islanders template. It's perfect! there is absolutely nothing I would change about it! The striping is perfect! the colo(U)r distribution! Everything's just amazing! this would be an EPIC 3rd for Bridgeport and it's an EASY

Concept Rating 10/10!!!

San Jose Shark(nado)s Jake88

Jake88 brings us a Sharks "fix" and he fixed it! this concept is 1000 times better than what they have and if I owned a NHL team, he would be my head jersey designer! Him and Matt McElroy! I think there is too much orange and I'm not a fan of the names in the yoke! too Nikeish! Except for that a solid concept and I will give a

Concept Rating 9/10

Phoenix Coyotes Jake88

From Great, to Hate! Sorry Jake but I'm not a fan. I really don't like the striping and the way you used sand and black. I've always been a fan of the 2 color jerseys. The logo isn't my favorite either. The jersey would look better with a squared off yoke. The Execution is OFF THE CHARTS though so I will give this jersey

Concept Rating 7.5/10

If you saw my letter to the readers that I wrote yesterday, Cool! if not Go back and read it! When the HCI staff votes on a schedule I or Jake or Justin will let you guys know!!!

Just because I thought this was cool, Pageview breakdown! Also I don't have it count mine or Jake's pageveiws in the stats.

Country Pageviews
United States
United Kingdom

Thanks for reading!!!

Caden Patafie!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sorry Guys!

You may have noticed the lack of posts and concepts on the blog lately, well I'm sorry! I've been busy and haven't been able to communicate well with Jake and Justin. My main form of communication, my iPad, Can't connect to wifi properly! Until we get enough concepts sent in and get things together, we will have a every other day writing schedule. I'm not sure who will write on what days but I will tell you when I know so you can just read on my days! ;) I haven't been the best admin for the blog and I realize that. I will try to show more effort and time into the blog! I hope the blog will last a long time and gain readers over time! Remember to keep sending in your concepts!!!

Caden Patafie (Owner HCI)

PS. I'm sure Jake88 and Justin Sulpico feel the same way!