Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday: Open the Concept gate

Hello welcome to HCI Friday post by me Alan. This is my first post as member of the HCI writing team, so with this aside let’s get things going.

Team Finland Concept (by Caden)
 This concept is base on team Finland’s new set, this one got just blue, red, and white. The white jersey is good, with flag in the front of the jersey, making the shoulder yoke blue make it less bland, the one thing I would like to see in this jersey is adding arm stripes. The blue jersey is simple but not bad, with both the shield and the word mark is a plus, and having the hem and wrist stripe is good too. Overall: An okay set. Score: 7/10

Guelph Storm Concept (by me)
I’ll let you read the details, it speak for itself, what score you would give this concept?
Well that’s today’s post, not bad for a new writer? Witch one of these two you think in the run for Concept of the month?

Until then see you’ll tomorrow.

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