Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WED. 102 and counting

Yo! Caden here. My food drive was a huge success! We collected 1,313 pounds of food for the Tri-State Food Bank and had a undisclosed amount of monetary donations. Anyway. It went great! Before the concepts I'm going to give you guys the "1/3 of the season is over playoff predictions" bracket. If you guys want to submit a bracket it will be put on a post as soon as possible. You can check HCIHL scores here

Let's get to some concepts!

So, Wonka brings us a concept on HCI which is a nice refresh from their actual set. He keeps the shoulder "wings" but they are sublimated. He also has some pattern near the bottom of the arms/hem that is sublimated. Everything is really nice, fresh BUT. I don't like the font. A block font wouldn't work, neither would a pointy one like the Sabreswords jerseys. This one looks a little weird. I'm not sure what it is. One more thing. You might want to lose the "necklace" around the collar, and just make it blue.

Mahilov! A 9.001/10!

(Russian Translation)
Так, Вонка приносит нам концепцию HCI, которая является хорошим обновления от их фактического набора. Он держит плечо "Крыльям", но они сублимированные. Он также имеет некоторые картины вблизи нижней части руки / кромка что сублимируется. Все действительно хорошая, свежая, но. Мне не нравится шрифт.Блок шрифта не хочет трудиться, тот будет одним заостренным как Sabreswords майки. Это выглядит слишком. Если вы понимаете, что я имею в виду. слишком современно. И еще один момент. Вы можете потерять «ожерелье» вокруг воротника, а просто сделать его синим.


Jake88 gives us a 3rd jersey for the Altoona Express of the "World Famous" HCIHL

The extended yoke
The logo
The Calgary 3rdish hem stripe

The font
The piping
The wavy arm stripes

I like the concept. Too bad the 3rd jersey program will be discontinued for next season. The logo works well.

You can't get tied to the tracks with this jersey! A 8/10

Thanks for reading! What do you think of my HCIHL playoff predictions? Tell me in the comments. I love having conversations sparked amongst our readers in the comments!

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