Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday: Writing Today's Post a Bit Late

First, want to say, how close is that Stags V.S. Express game? It's been back and forth the whole time! Right now the undefeated Stags are winning 159.4 to 152.7. But, with Altoona having three good Blackhawk players playing against a goalie changed Calgary, things could go in the Express's way. 

In other news I am sorry for not writing this post as early as expected. I told Caden and he said "it's fine" so now to the reason this post is late. Ok, I had a hockey game about two hours away. We tied the team 3-3 with the tying goal being assisted by yours truly. The team that we played was probably the best team that we had played yet and we are 0-2-1 in our league (2-2 outside our league) so we can only improve from now. 


New York Rangers (Ricky Mazella)
When I first saw this I thought how much potential does this have? Sure the Rangers should never change (especially wearing an actual logo) but for conceptual purposes it works. The white jersey is almost the same (shoulder patches and logo) but the blue jersey is rehauled, and I can't say I am a fan. White yolks work only sometimes (and the 70's) and it doesn't look that great here. The red jersey has potential, too (more than the rest of the set) but again I can't like it. Maybe too much striping? Execution errors! No TV (arm) numbers and the shade of blue in the logo isn't the same as the jersey. Concept Rating 6.5/10

Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series (Jake88/Me)
Like it says on the concept I took some inspiration from Caden's stadium series concept from a few days ago. I think that this looks like something that the Kings could wear and maybe should. Also if you notice, I redid my branding to something a bit more "classy" so if you check my blog anytime soon there might be some new stuff on it.


Bye guys!

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