FAQ/Contact Us

Instagram Staff

Caden Patafie: Director of Posting/ Contest Operations Manager (@mrpatafie)

Jake Miller: VP of Posting/ Contest Operations (@jake88designs)

Justin Sulpico: Advertising Assistant 

How does this work?

Well, It's actually not that complicated, Just make a concept for any team of your choosing, send it to hockeyconceptideas@gmail.com or DM it to us and it will be put in the queue to be posted on Instagram by an HCI staff member. 100% of our concepts are made and submitted by our fans, and original ideas.

*Concepts that may be offensive, racist, mean, sexual, have nothing to do with hockey, or abuse the good nature of @hockeyconceptideas will NOT be posted. 

What are the Old Archives?

The old archives contain every single blog post from the old HCI. From September of 2013 all the way to now, you can go back and relieve the memories of the Hockey Concept Ideas blog, join Caden, Jake, Justin, Joey, Alan, and Ricky in a trip to the past! 

Can I make my own posts on the new Instagram?

Currently we are full up on posting staff, but for all inquiries, Email hockeyconceptideas@gmail.com

hockeyconceptideas.blogspot.com is not meant to ripoff/copy icethetics.info or hockeyjerseyconcepts.com. Though there are many similar features, this website and any pages it links to are for educational purposes only.