Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednasday. Thanksgiving Eve.

Hello concept fans! Caden here! How fares Thanksgiving eve? Yesterday I went to the homeless shelter and handed out uncooked thanksgiving meals to 3,500 familys to cook on Thanksgiving. Not me by myself of course, but it made me realize how blessed I am... If you guys haven't heard we've picked up Ricky Mazella "off waivers" from HJC. He's a really talented writer and I'm happy to have him on board with the rest of us. You can look at his blog by clicking here. I will stop blabbing my mouth and get to what you guys came to see. The Concepts! 

Utica Comets Jake88

I would first like to say, This is a million times better than Utica's current set of jerseys. I Like the font and the way you did the striping. With the thin blue one in the middle and all. I do wonder what the numbers would look like with a small green dropshadow? I'm not really a fan of the wordmark on the helmet or the non existence of hem stripes, but the "hanger effect" is a nice touch.

What I would do: Add hem stripes that are the same as the arm stripes, Put the puck/comet thingy on the helmet instead of the wordmark, and Add a green outline or dropshadow to the numbers.

This jersey is so much better than the one that came from Uranus! Still a couple changes to bump up the score any. A 8.2/10

Fishsticks Contest Entry Dylan Wonka (New York Islanders)

I know this is an entry for a contest, where you have to use the "fishsticks" logo, so that won't effect my review of the jersey. this concept is pretty similar to mine, so there isn't much I dislike. I like the teal cuffs and yoke stripes. There is also the perfect amount of orange used too. I don't like that the logo is the only place where white is used. I also don't really like the font.

What I would do: Change the font to a standard block one, and switch the silver/grey (Not sure which) to white. Other than that you're right on!

This one's a catch! A 9.1/10

The ECHL is getting a team in Indy for next season. This is the logo from their website. I made a concept that Jake will be reviewing at some time. Not sure how many jerseys are in line for him! It's a short ride from EVV so I'm sure I will be making some games to cheer on the Icemen. 

I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving! And as always, YOU ARE WELCOME FOR THE GREAT CONCEPTS Thanks for reading!

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