Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday: Lucky you, unlucky me

Hi everyone, as the title said sadly I have to work tonight, but that won't stop me from posting some more concepts, 2 concepts from 1 concept artist and 1 from me that was made in 2011, so let's get going.

Minnesota Wild Concept (by Steve)
Now normally I hate wheat color jerseys, but this one I'm O.k. with it! Nice two stripes on both the arms, and hem. The yoke would bad but with red trim on it is a good touch. Finally the numbers modern but fits this theme to me. The down point is the numbers and nameplate is red instead of green, and the collar tag is yellow that I felt it didn't match the jersey. Overall: Good jersey, just change the color on the collar, the nameplate, and vise virsa the numbers, and it's good to go. Score: 7.5/10

 Colorado Avalanche Concept (by Steve)
 Once again Steve gives us another 4th jersey series with the Aves. The jersey is good but it needs some more work. The stripes should be like the hem, an mountain design with an little more thickness, add steel blue trim around the yokes to match the stripes, and the "C" look too plain to me, with some trim on it like the numbers would give it some life to it. Overall: Execution is close, but fix these errors, and it's a winner! Score: 7.5/10

Chatham Maroons GOJHL Jr.B Concept (by Me)
This my local team in my hometown of Chatham, Ontario. The home and road jersey was an modification to their old set they wore before the change to there new look a year later. the alternate was base on the teams glory days where they won 4 western conferences titles in a row including one OHA Jr.B Sutherland Cup title in 1999. Here's what my team is wearing now. What do you think of this concept leave an comment about it.

Well this ends my 3 days of craziness, hope I wasn't too harsh on some of these concepts? Be here tomorrow for your regular postings, til then later.

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