Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday: Two Penguins Alternate concepts by me

Yesterday we saw team Canada concepts, today I'll show you two Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate concepts by me yours truly, one was made in 2011, and another from last year, so let's get going.

Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate concept (by me in 2011)
I took the inaugural '95 alternate jersey and give it some tweaks, using the team's current main logo, and with the touch of new style Reebok cut, and here you go this. With black, white, gradient vegas gold, and gradient grey.

Pittsburgh Penguins Alternate concept (by me in 2012)
 At first you look at this and think, it almost look like there inaugural '95 alternate jersey, indeed it's almost look like it, but I gave it some few changes, the first one was switch the grey to gold, add gold to dark gold hem stripe for good measure, and if you look at the Pens crest (including the pants as well) the gold area it'll change from gold to dark gold.

Well that's today post by me. Witch Penguins Alternate concepts you like the most?
Be here tomorrow for number 99, and mostly on Monday for post number 100, what it is? You'll have to wait and see til then later.

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