Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday: The Stephen Scheffel Show

Little high, Little low HCI readers! It's another Friday with me and I have a good amount of stuff today. Glad to have more than one concept today as compared to the last little while. Also, today is our 200th post here at HCI! A new jersey came in for me but not before two concepts from the same artist. Let's get to those now.

Denver Broncos
Submitted by: Stephen T. Scheffel

The first of our two concepts is based on the NFL's Denver Broncos. The first thing to discuss is the logo. It takes one of the current alternates added to a different colored "D" with an outline. On the white uniform, I don't like the phantom yoke, it definitely needs color. As for the Orange uniform, the blue and white need to switch positions everywhere - the sleeves, the yoke, the hem, and the blue on the collar. As for the alternate, just color in the cuffs, but kudos for originality there.

Colorado Rockies
Submitted by: Stephen T. Scheffel
This wouldn't be a complete Rockies concept without some form of pinstriping. Stephen has done that here. I would think that the stripes should all run the same direction on the white uniform. Either remove the ones from the sleeves or apply them to the whole jersey. As for the other one, The pinstripes in the numbers are a little daunting and take them from the numbers and move them across the logo if I had to guess. I would much prefer see something similar to their purple alternates though.

As I alluded to earlier, I made another jersey purchase last week and it just came in yesterday. That's because the Can Post takes a little longer than FedEx,UPS, or USPS. But that's okay, it still had a week just in case. But here it is, low and behold this Canucks jersey!

Photos courtesy of: Pro Sports Jerseys

I wen't a little out of my price range, but was still able to take it in for a profit. It was also the only one in my size and the only ones I had seen over the course of a good amount of time. In the mean time, my NBA leading Indian Pacers will be in town to take on the Celtics at TD Garden while the NHL's Bruins are away. The I managed free tickets to watch Hartford Hawks men's hoops against UMBC (coincidentally the same conference game I went to last year, go Terriers!)

As yet another weekend has come, enjoy your last day of February, that means Spring is around the corner. Or if you prefer, Spring started on Groundhog's Day. No matter, it will be a good weekend until the bad weather supposedly hits part of the Northeast into Monday morning. So make the most of the good weather.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday: 199...

Ayyy! Thanks for reading the 199th post of Hockey Concept Ideas! Ricky Mazella was still with HJC when we had our 100th, so it will be a treat for him getting to write our 200th post tomorrow.

The HCIHL playoffs are fast approaching, and if the Rivermen can pull off the win against London (ON), We will have clinched 2nd place with only 1 game remaining in the season. Us and Hamilton are the only teams so far to clinch a playoff spot. If Altoona and London (ON) lose the next match, Skopje and Louisville will clinch as well.

Detroit Red Wings  "De-Edge"
[Justin Sulpico]

Design: Though I like the idea of a wordmark, The wheel logo should forever be on the front of Detroit's jerseys. Also, The NHL amended there rule of the captaincy patches go on the left side (players view) of the jersey because the wing got in the way. Not a case here, the "C" (or "A") should go on the left. 
The Striping looks bad, I would straighten it for a more classic look.

Execution: Not much. The CCM logo (Or the Vector logo) should be on the back of the jersey.

San Jose Sharks
[Phil B.]

Design: A heck of a lot better than the jerseys the Shark(nados) wear now! I think that should be the goal for every concept artist, a better jersey than the original. I like the addition of hem stripes, and the yoke. Are there any other jerseys in the NHL or AHL with that shape yoke? I like it. Also I like that there is orange included in the design, but not too much. The one thing I wouuld change, The pants. I would add the shoulder logo to the pants, It stands out better. And add orange piping to the side. A small but big difference.

Execution: I can't see anything. Sweet job on that.

Did you enjoy? *Dons english accent* "You must come back for the 200th post tommorow! It will be a knocker of a time!"


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday: Back into action

Hello, everyone! Soon, it'll be HCI's 200th post!

In other words, the NHL is back! Go Leafs Go!

Lets go on to the concept:

Cleveland Barons Concept - Dallas K.

Man, oh man. Great concept - I've been planning on doing a Barons concept, but after seeing this - I don't think I could beat it. This gives a great modern look to an old team. It's like the Devils and the Mighty Ducks had a baby! For the alternate, I would like to see balanced striping. The white and black stripe also being at the bottom, (just personal preference) but it seems to fit in with the Home/Away. The alt wordmark is a good idea, too. If anybody has a block font like that, could you please send it to me? I think the TV numbers should be lower on the alternate jersey, and the primary logo or just the black B as a shoulder patch.Overall, this is a great jersey - Go K14 Koncepts!

Only a one concept post today... Now it's time to go listen to some Arctic Monkeys! Then I will watch the greatest game commentator in the world play Babysitter Bloodbath and De Schippers van de Kameleon! His name is Cr1TiKaL/penguinz0.

Alright, see ya next time! :D Thank you!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday, disappointing finish.

So unless you live under a rock (speaking to you Patrick) You will know the results of the Olympics. With Canada getting gold in both hockey tournements, and the USA men getting a nice participation medal. USA had an amazing tournement the entire Olympics, and couldn't find a way past Price in the semifinal. Well there is always 2018! If the NHL doesn't send players, I will be happy. The games will be more evenly matched for countrys that don't have NHL players on their roster.

Philly Flyers Alternate Dylan Wonka
Former HJC writer Dylan "Nowak" brings us a orange, yet heavily black Flyers alternate concept.

Design: THANK YOU for not using an off colored namebar. Well actully, I wouldn't mind it in an alternate if the mains didn't have it. But that isn't the case here. I like the black name and numbers. It adds to the feel of the jersey.

Not a fan of the logo. The flyers have used pretty much the same logo for everything, and I don't think that should change.

Execution: Don't even have to mention it! Wonka's execution comes through perfect again!

Dylan Wonka, one of the most talented concept designers in my opinion. Along with. Justin Cox and Matt McElroy. Keep up the good work!

That's all for today, What is your opinion on the NHL sending players to Korea, and if they do, should Ovi and Crosby have a "Gagnam Style" dance off center ice? 


Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday: Gold?.... Silver?... Bronze? Nope Nothing

I think by now, even people living under a rock would know the news. With Canada winning gold, and the US not even medaling. For the US, I think that a team of NHL stars should have put at least 2 under Tuukka Rask, but he is an amazing goalie. As for Canada, I wished it was a bit better of a game, I mean waking up 7:00 for a game with no OT, come on.

Hey, no HCIHL scores again! Next week.

Irish Hockey League Concept (By Nick B.)
Sorry Nick, couldn't find a real team name for this.
I don't mind having teams having off color "clash" jerseys, but I don't think it works as much in hockey. I don't like how low the striping is on the jersey, since it would be around your lower arms. One thing I don't like about some Nike concepts in general now, is the coloring in of the flywire collar. It's in such I weird shape that it just doesn't work. Again, with the European type style, I understand the lack of light blue in the jersey, and I thing it makes it look better. Also some TV numbers would be nice. Concept Rating 7.8/10
Well this is my last post until I'll be in Chi-town watching my Pens beat the Hawks. On that Monday I'll try to share some pics of both the game and the Pens SS jersey I bought. Well see you then!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday: Gold. Enough Said.

Hi guys, Justin here. If you're not living under a rock, you've probably heard well by now that CANADA HAS WON DOUBLE GOLD IN HOCKEY!!!! YEAAAA CNADA!!!11!!!1 (Sorry for my random outburst of text patriotism). Sweden won the silver medal by losing to Canada 3-0 earlier today. To the concept(s).

Irish Field Hockey concepts. By Nick S.

Here's what Nick had to say about his concept: "I made these 4 concepts for a pro hockey league if hockey ever gets popular in Ireland. They like field hockey more than ice hockey for some reason. The 4 teams represent the provinces of Ireland. I stole the logos from the rugby teams that represent each of the provinces in real life. I'm not a big fan of teams having white jerseys so I only used them where I thought they would work better than another colored jersey."

Via quick Google search, "Leinster" is indeed an Irish rugby team. I see the Sabres-esque striping on the jersey on the right. I understand the mismatched coloired jerseys. Some European sports clubs (especially soccer) have one uniform that matches the team colours and the other uniform that has completely out-of-hand colours. I would suggest filling in the "side-belly/underarm" section with blue for aesthetic purposes.

That's this weekends post. Till next week, i'll be eating my poutine, riding my polar bear, feeding my beaver, and driving my Zamboni through the Tim Hortons drive-thru for some Timbits and such. But most importantly, acknowledging the fact that CANADA WON DOUBLE GOLD IN OLYMPIC HOCKEY!!! Canada wins 2 gold medals in hockey? I call that a double-double. (canadian refernce haha ba-dum-tss...)


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday: The Rematch!

Hi everyone, Alan here for another wonderful Saturday here on Hockey Concept Idea. Well tomorrow we'll see who's going to win the gold medal between Canada, and Sweden for the first time since 1994 were the young Peter Forsburg score a shootout goal that give Sweden the gold medal, while Canada have to deal with silver. Now 20 years later here we are the rematch, truthfully I been waiting for this to happen, I was 8 years old sitting on the couch watching this game mainly because Blenheim native Todd Warriner played for team Canada. I remember that day is was more then heart break, it was dark for me seeing that shootout goal to end an epic gold medal game ever. Let's hope this rematch have the same fire as the 1994 gold medal finals, but with an different result.

Enough old memories, let's get to concepts.

LA Kings Concept [By K14]
This one is good concept for the Kings, the purple and the gold was put together wisely done. The stripes on both arms and hem fits the team look, the yoke on the white kept the balance nicely. The main logo is just the crown, but the way the colors put together on the crown helps this concept without any trouble. Lastly the shoulder patch really fits this concept, mainly the use of purple, and gold. Great concept, that's all I can say.

Oshawa Generals Concept [By me]
This Concept is almost the same as their current set only squeezing the stripes together and curve them slightly for the Reebok effect feel to it, the only stripes that is straight is the yokes, the socks, and the side of the pants, two different shoulder patch is added on this concept, one was the Bruins theme crest, and the other is the "Honour and Tradition" patch and lastly made the helmets half Red and Blue like the old days before they made it one solid color.

Well another Saturday post is in the books. This week YouTube video is a TSN music video taking a shot at the NHL's stupid puck over the glass rule that make no sense to me at all, enjoy the video. Until then later.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday: Heartbreak in Sochi

If anyone thinks I'm referring to the US and Canada women's ice hockey gold medal game, you're wrong. While that was heartbreaking, I'm moping over the Canadian women's curling rink winning the gold medal over Sweden. But since last we met, the Australian Football League preseason is now in full swing. More importantly, there are concepts to get to.

Irish Hockey League (fictional)
Submitted by: Nick Spiterri

This concept was based on having a league In the Republic of Ireland. The logos, themselves are from the rugby teams that represent said provinces. That is not uncommon in Europe, such as Barcelona in soccer and basketball. I like what was done to add some character to the uniforms. I'm not so sure as to the striping at the hem of the blue one, but the striping in general seems to be missing something. I am enjoying the originality of the idea though - that in itself is a much welcomed thought.

All in all, I'm disappointed in the fact that the content well is running a little dry. But all we need is you to fill it up again. Please, please, please, please send stuff in - we'd really appreciate it! It's a lot more fun for everyone that way too!

I still can't get over the Dion Phaneuf song from the other day, myself. In that regard, I put this up for you. It is a Parody of Adam Sandler's song made by WGR 550 Buffalo during the 2007 Finals run. That's it for me, see you in a week.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thursday, Move North, More Olympic jerseys.

Hello concept folk! Caden here for another spectacular post! We have another Olympic jersey to review today, so we might as well get to it! But not before I tell you to check out my new YouTube gaming channel, Router13. I have Happy Wheels, Flappy Bird, and some random games off the internet. Go check it out!

Team Canada Olympic Jersey (Credit Icethetics for the rendering)

So, hopefully when you are reading this, Canada will have lost, or are losing. Sorry to Justin, Joey, or Alan J. H., but hopefully USA will come out with another victory, and be garrenteed a spot in a medal game.

Up Votes: I like the chest stripe, and the fact that the logo is cut out of it. I like the wordmark below the logo, and the flag on the left arm.

Down Votes: Why not add an armband so both arms are the same? The chest stripe should continue to the back of the jersey, and the gold accents aren't visible on TV, so I could care less.

Did you enjoy the post? Do you want more? Just send in your own concepts, and we will review them, and help you get better, or in Dylan Wonka or Justin Cox's case, they're already perfect, and don't need to improve. :P

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday: Olympics!

Hello everyone, it's Joey here with another post!

If you wanna listen to some great songs, listen to 1979, Today, Cherub Rock, and Bullet With Vampire Wings by The Smashing Pumpkins!

Anyways, now on to the concepts!

Team USA Olympic Jersey (Credit Icethetics for the rendering) 

Alright, we have Team USA's current jerseys here...This isn't a concept, but I'll still review it. I love this jersey! It's brilliant - the sublimated shoulder stars - the navy colour is excellent, and that logo is really nice. I like these more than Canada's jerseys! This is by far, my favourite Olympic jersey this year! But Canada still kicks USA's butts in hockey competition! ;)

So that wraps up today's post - only one jersey...

Have a great day!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday: A Presidental Post

Yea, I had to use that title, even though we only have ONE concept. And I know that most of you hate one concept posts, so send them in! NOW!

For the first time in a long time, I don't have to waste time copying HCIHL scores, Thank you Olympics!

Well it's that time again, concept time!

Boston Bruins (By Dallas K.)
This is kinda different, but yet so similar to their currents. I'm not sure that I could get used to that logo full time, so I'd want to see their current on it. I think that a square yoke is too similar to the rival Rangers to use, so I'd translate that pattern onto their winter classic pattern. I also don't think that the contrasting collar is unnecessary, just use black for the away jersey and yellow for the home. Concept Rating 8/10
Now that's all, really, bye and have a nice Presidents day for every other Americans.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday: Olympic Stuff and Long Weekends

Hi guys. It's justin. The (not-so) trusty Sunday writer. Any Americans out there? I hope you enjoyed the 3-2 US victory yesterday over the Russians. Any Canadians out there? I hope you enjoyed/ are enjoying the game against Finland, the final score was _______ (score not avaliable at time of publishing).

One concept for this Sunday.

Lahiti Pelicans (SM-liiga Finland) by ?????
I can't tell who made this concept, yet i've seen the graphic at the bottom-right corner on numerous concepts floating around the web. Is this person "Poissa" or "Kotin"?? Anyway, the striping is simple, but not too simple and I like how the ads are only text logos of the company and dont interfere with the jersey design whatsoever. I know this is a different template being used, but, I feel that the hem stripe is a bit too high for my liking. Solid design, solid concept. 8/10.

(EDIT BY JUSTIN: Caden or someone can edit this later as to who made the concept and add a name.)

For those in certain parts of Canada, Happy rest of your Family/Louis Riel/Islander Day long weekend! For those in the USA, Happy rest of your President's day long weekend! Everyone else, have a great rest of your regular sized weekend. Enjoy it and watch the Olympics!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday: Thrashed Jays!?!

Hey everyone, this is day one of my long weekend from work, hopefully my long weekend gets snowed in. Today is another one concept from an concept artist, and other from me. But first in my non hockey rant, last week I went to see the LEGO movie and believe me the movie said "Everything is Awesome!" Boy how everything about this movie is awesome! I enjoyed this movie and I recommend any LEGO fans to watch this movie, or be like other people and wait until it released on DVD. Well enough of my life story on to concepts.

Creighton Blue Jays NCAA Concept [by Ricky M.]
 Up points: The use of the the Jays logo with the "C" in the background is an good idea. Using the Toronto Blue Jays old fonts was risky, but to my surprise it fit the theme that I'm seeing here.
Down points: The design on both home, and road jersey are cool, but on the white jersey the colors choice put together feels like it placed backwards to me. On the the dark jersey it's lack white, the only white I see is on the logo, trim on the nameplate, and trims around the numbers, it looks unfinished to me. Lastly the alternate jersey design is good, but just seems doesn't fit for the Blue Jays to me.
My suggestion: On the white jersey switch the blue 2 and blue 4. Add some white on the dark jersey.  Lastly give the alternate something classic look that fit both the logo, and the fonts.

Atlanta Thrashers Concept [by me]
I took there pre-edge powder blue jersey and gave it some tweaks, I made navy blue as their main color, I replaced the word "Atlanta" with "Thrashers", and add there arrows strip on their empty arm side and on the side of there pants just give it a little more of a Hockey game look than a some what of a practice jersey.

Well that's today post, before I go, I got another video from the magical world of youtube. Today what do you get a Maple Leafs Dion Phaneuf, and the Muppets? You get a song! Enjoy the video, til then, later.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday: Valentines - Two in the Box

How would you feel if you had to spend time with a significant other in the penalty box? I don't know. Then there's the good ol' box chant.

I myself have not missed a live session of Olympic curling (midnight, 5, and 10 Eastern), watched most of them in full, and caught at least the majority of one match. I have also been doing power rankings (pre round robin - m/w; after 3, 6, and 9 sessions; after  round robins; and then the final rankings). All of this whereas Olympic hockey has begun for the men's competition. Man how 'bout 'dem Slovenians, puttin' up two against the hosts. And their uniforms kinda look like the Super Bowls XLVIII Champions. Anyway we do actually have a concept, so I'm gonna get to it.

Kingdom of Isles
Submitted by:  Caden Patafie
I'll tell you, the colored uniform doesn't exactly color me pink. It needs a lot more white, Also the back mesh should match the front mesh, though I'd prefer it match in the opposite (blue, not red). I find the whites much more fascinating. The logo looks like a resemblance Crystal Palace of the Premier League in England and Wales. I'm curious to the not so attractive sleeve striping, but it is but a minor concern.

Have fun with your weekend. I hope it involves making some concepts to send in to us! Please do, we'd love to showcase what you've got.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thurssday: Terrp!!!

Howdy concept fans! I have a unique concept for today, I will get to it quickly. But first! I'm pretty excited, The Evansville Icemen are putting on an Olympic Viewing Party at a local theater here in Evansville on Saturday vs Russia. They will have concessions open, and a couple people I've talked to said they are wearing jerseys. It will be like being at an arena to watch the game, but different.

Maryland Terrapins Ricky M

 Design: I like the flag striping and shoulder yoke. The black alternate is a good design. I would rather it be the main jersey. Not a fan of the small logo over the number. I would have used the standing turtle in the bottom left.

Execution: Screen Printed numbers are cool, but are really bad on non reebok edge jerseys. Like, They shrivel up and every thing. As long as you get the high quality kind, you'll be good!

A quick post this Thursday. Have a good week.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday: Olympic Hockey!

Hello everyone, and welcome to HCI! I hope you're having a good day!

I will be watching Olympic hockey today in school!!!! Can't wait! GO CANADA GO!

Time to write about some concepts!

Admiral Vladiostok - Jake88

KHL Stadium Series! I love the chrome logo you used, I don't know why some people didn't seem to like them in the NHL Stadium Series... Anyways, the diagonal stripe used here is awesome, although, the sleeve stripes have two small lines from the template next to them. I always try to remove all template lines, but that's just personal preference. In this case, the small stripes should have been removed. It also looks like the 18 on the back isn't centered, but I'm not sure. This is a great concept, with wonderful colours and ideas!

New York Islanders - Dallas K.

Lately, I've seen A LOT of black Islanders concepts. I just found out that the Islanders are moving to Brooklyn! This brings back the "fishsticks" logo, when they had that great goal horn! It's hard to create an Islanders jersey with the fishsticks logo without screwing it up - and you executed this very well! The mean fisherman is supposed to look "dark and scary" so that is where the primary black comes in great! I love the little wave design on that logo, and it fits in great here! I really think that the laces should be turquoise, and maybe the numbers. Overall, this is a pretty nice concept!

Well, that wraps up my second post on HCI! If you have any suggestions/constructive criticism about my posts, feel free to contact me!

Have a nice rest of your Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday: Conceptception

Yo dawg! I heard you liked concepts so we gave you 2 concepts! Doesn't really make sense, but I needed a theme for today's post. The Evansville Rivermen lead the Hamilton stags until the final day, where somehow the Stags came out ahead. After the Olympic break, it will almost be playoff time for the HCIHL, and that will be fun. 

Indy Fuel Bradley DeBode

This is Bradley's first concept on HCI, and mabye even his first ever! Welcome Bradley! It's always cool to have new artists take the stage here at HCI, and show off their work.

Design: I like the checkered flag stripes. It works for Indy (and mabye Daytona) only, and pays homage to the teams home city, which is cool. I like the ECHL logo below the collar. None of the other teams do that, and it works. I might recolor it like they do in the OHL, to the darkest color on the light jersey and vice versa.

I don't think enough black is used in either jerseys. I would switch it with the yellow on the dark jersey, and with the black on the light jersey. I'm not exactly a fan of the number font, I would have still used something modern, but something that would work better in sports. The colored namebar isn't the best. And I don't like the side panels, I would just do a hem stripe.

Execution: The numbers on the back are way too big, and the TV numbers are way too small. Also, The Reebok vector logo is used. Which it should be the wordmark. If you wanted to be super realistic, CCM is the jersey provider of ECHL jerseys, so use that instead. The back of the jersey is colored,  so the inside shouldn't be white at the bottom. I kept saying "dark" and "light" instead of "home" and away" for a reason. The ECHL uses white jerseys at home the first half of the season,and switches to dark the second half. 

Keep working to improve your designs,and you will see improvement in no time!

KHL Staidum Series (Dohgace Donbass) Jake88

Well, Jake is back to concepts from across the pond, and can finally live up to his name! (Not Jake, "Euromaster") This is a statement from Jake regarding his new series,

"These are meant not to fix the tacky aspects of the Stadium Series jerseys, but to embrace them! I don't like chrome, but I want to keep it real. The purpose of these concepts are more to show how good these aspects could look, rather than to scrap them."

Design: On that note, I wouldn't know this was a Stadium Series design! This jersey is good enough to be a regular jersey. All of the "Tacky Aspects" look amazing, and the mountains in the logo go good with the slanted striping and TV numbers on the jersey. 

Execution: In the KHL, Reebok places their logo on the front of the jersey, above the logo, as well as on the back. Really good execution and presentation though.

KHL Stadium Series, Can this be a thing?

 I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, Joey will write tommorow, and you should come back for that. If you are a new artist that wants to make concepts, check out our templates page for a jump start, and send your finished designs in at

~ Caden 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday: Problem Solved... Hopefully

As you can tell, we here at HCI have suffered another late/no post phase. We hope that this will be it in the phase and soon HCI will be back to normal. I'm happy to show everyone the HCIHL scores, since the Express won... AGAIN!

London Sabreswords 126.2 - Skopje Lisici 100.4
Altoona Express 100.7 - Louisville Lynx 97.3
Hamilton Stags 191.2 - Evansville Rivermen 183.2

Sadly our concepts section isn't as pleasing. Today we only one concept, so obviously we need more. Send yours into now!

Anaheim Ducks  (Dallas K.)
This is going to be hard. First, I'd definitely be in favor of the Ducks bringing those jerseys back, even with the edit you made to the arm stripe. I don't think the logo stands out enough, and recoloring the duck foot to work with this era is often a challenge to designers. I think Jade would work best here. For the record I've never liked that logo (on the alternate) and this only worsens it. Even the alternate jersey is a fright in it's self. First with sleeve numbers that low, they are worthless, you couldn't read them. Concept Rating (Normal Jerseys 7.2/10) (Alternate 4.5.10)
That finishes our sad, one concept post for today. Until the next Monday, later....

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday: Putting LEGO blocks together for this post.

Hi everyone, Alan here for another Saturday here on HCI. Well in case you want to know what the title means? Well tonight I'm going to the movie theater to watch "The LEGO Movie!" I'm excited to see this movie, ah my childhood is coming back to me. After that this Sunday I'm off to Dresden to watch some Jr.C playoffs action on afternoons, and back to my town of Chatham to watch my Jr.B team the Maroons in action. Well enough of that, on to concepts.

New York Islanders Alternate concept [By K14]
Up points: Black with bright colors is not easy to pull off, but this one really works for me. The logo maybe not the best to everyone, but with right colors like this one it works. The hem stripes is wavily nice.
Down points: The Brooklyn Nets logo, and the numbers is too plain for this jersey. The arm stripes is good, but withe the wave hem stripe make the jersey look unbalance.
My Suggestion: Change the number fonts to anything with trim to give that eye pop effect. Use ether the team's main logo, or the lighthouse logo as shoulder patch. lastly give the arm stripes the same treatment as the hem stripe.

Fort Wayne Komets Concept [by me]
Back in 2012 this is my first ever ECHL concept the Fort Wayne Komets, this team had alot of history from their days in the old IHL to being the official member of the ECHL. This concept I try to give a "modern" look to it with the strips on the arms, made the spaceman logo as the teams main crest because it look very modern and I like the logo, add their classic comet with the "K" logo on it as the secondary logo on the shoulder and use the New York Islanders old 2002-2007 alternate jersey fonts for both the numbers and NOB.

Well that's today post. I know some of you all where hoping for more concepts, well ah ha yeah I'm getting low on concepts. But you can make the difference by sending your concepts in! Just send them to so we can post more concepts on this site. Until then, I'm off to movie theater and enjoy the LEGO movie. Later!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday: Lonely Before Sochi, Off to the MassMutual Center

Well the Olympics are upon us with the doubles ice dancing and some snowboarding events (the new ones) yesterday as well as the opening ceremony tonight (go Macedonia, not that they'll do very much if anything). And hockey starts soon, doesn't it? Of course it does, certainly something to look forward to - just like today's lone concept.

A pretty likeable Wings concept from K14 here. The logo itself is a staple, but the jerseys are getting stale. This doesn't get complicated, but brings something anew to the Motor City team. The striping patter is the more noticeable of the two changes the other is the location of the captain's emblem now on the side opposite the normal placement with a font overhaul to boot. Well done! Even though it is the only pic I had, I feel I would've given this my writer's pick nomination anyway.

That sums up another Friday with me here at HCI. The unusual thing is that there is only one concept today. That means we encourage you to (hopefully) submit in droves! We would be honored to review your work. In the meantime, I will be going to an AHL bout tonight with the first of a home-and-home here in Springfield, the Falcons will play the Crunch tonight then in Syracuse tomorrow for the only two meetings among them this season. I'll be rooting for the former Ducks affiliate though I don't hate the Falcons either, until later.


Thursday, February 6, 2014


My third post in 3 days. Enjoy it. Ricky Mazella will write tomorrow. We have "snow days" here in EVV, not for me though. #HomeschoolProblems 

Design: I like the design. It would only work for Jamaica. The One thing I would do is change the white jersey to yellow. I would have incorporated bananas into the shoulder patch.

Execution: As said on HJC, The birds wing interferes with the Nike logo.

Design: I like black as the main color. The striping and font is classic, which is good for a De-Edge concept. The front logo isn't used properly. I mean, it looks out of place.

Execution: I would make the Reebok logo yellow on each jersey.

Did you enjoy today's post? Leave a comment. Send in your own jerseys as well!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday: Ice, Snow, Slush? Not really!

Well, here in Evansville, there is about 2 inches of snow on the ground. Supposedly that is enough to cancel school. I'm not mad about that, but all of my extracurricular activities have been cancelled as well. I'm sure Justin or Joey, anyone from Canada would laugh at us, but the city is literally shut down over 2 inches of snow! 

Team Canada (Spengler Cup Version) Alan John Herbert

Evansville IceMen goalie Allen York played for Canada in the Spengler Cup. I didn't know about it before, but it is now one of my favorite hockey tournaments. Only below the Olympics and the Memorial cup.

Design: I like the logo. It wouldn't work anywhere outside the Spengler Cup, but it looks good here. I'm got it gets some use. I like the jersey elements, but the black gloves aren't doing it for me. There isn't any black in the jersey, and the gloves would look better red and white.

Execution: Reebok (or or whatever jersey manufacturer) would probably want there logo on the jersey somewhere. I would place it on the front above the logo. Also, the W├╝rth ads should be placed on the socks as well. Not as big, but the same.

Florida Panthers Dallas Kirkpatrick

The Panthers have potential for great jerseys, I think the current logo brings them down, this is a fix.

Design: I like the new logo. I would remove the sticks, and just have the circle with the panther coming out. I like the focus on blue, and I like that red wasn't used in the striping. I think blue numbers on the home jersey wouldn't stand out enough. Silver with a blue outline would be fine.

Execution: Nothing really. Your execution is as perfect as it gets.

Thanks for reading. Send in your own jersey designs, and me or one of our other talented writers will critique them to help make your work better.


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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday, badda ding, badda dong Denver.

Dammit Denver! With all the money I had riding on you (exactly 0$), you'd think you'd do better. I'm sure if there was a power outage the outcome would have been different. As I always say, "It's just a game." Which is probably why I think pro athletes get paid WAY too much. If the highest you could pay an NHL player was 200,000 a year,  players still wouldn't be able to find many jobs that pay that much outside of sports, and teams like Phoenix and Columbus would be set! And ticket prices would be cheaper! Anyways, an Icemen 1st line defensmen (also our Captian) Guy Lepine, has been called up to the Utica Comets, and I'm hoping we can snap the 3 game loss streak without him, against one of the lowest ranked teams in the conference this weekend.

AHL Stadium Series Alan John Herbert

Design: Though these designs are creative, and look modern and new, which is what the Staidum Series is about (at least what I got from it), there are a few design flaws. The font works on both jerseys. The colors are balanced nicely. I would have made the numbers on the Bridgeport jersey blue, with a white outline. The striping on both jerseys works for the respective team. I would give the wolf pack a wordmark on their jersey, instead of that dumb looking logo.

Execution/Presentation: If there were to be an AHL Stadium Series, using the same teams as the NHL, I believe the farm teams would use the same jerseys as their parent NHL clubs, but with different logos. Not what I would want, but it would probably be the case. You might want to add helmet logos, and move the New York (Hartford) namebar over a few pixels.

Philadelphia Flyers Brian B   

Wow, of this was a real thing,  I could imagine the Fluers GM's sitting around a table going, "Let's design a jersey based upon our biggest rival's infamous 3rd!" Yup, first thing I thought.

Design: As I said, the first thing I thought was Pittsburgh's gradient jersey. Gradients worked better with Pens colors than Flyers colors. I like how you cut off the chest stripe to fit the logo, and the gradient lines coming off the tail of the "P"  fits with the design. I don't think the orange and black work together with gradients. It turns the whole thing almost brown. If the main part of the jersey was orange, and you removed the lines from the chest stripe, you'd have a keeper. I would use a lighter orange than the shade used in the socks.

Execution/Presentation: Pretty good presentation, I would have made the socks gradient as well (it's do-able I promise you) if that was the design you were going to choose. Throw a helmet logo on there too.

I hoped you enjoyed reading. You can make your own designs to be featured on HCI, go to out "Templates" page to get started. We post every concept sent in, so what's to lose?


Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday: And... Seattle Wins!

And.... For the record they were my choice! Anyway this blog is about hockey (though it would be cool to have a Football Jersey Concepts, or a Soccer (the real Football) Jersey Concepts site) but that's for another day. So now we have our weekly HCIHL scores!

Altoona Express 161.5 - London Sabreswords 140.1
Louisville Lynx 171.2 - Hamilton Stags 117.8
Evansville Rivermen 283.5 - Skopje Lisici 125.7

Well the Express have a win (finally) and if they win out (including beating Louisville this week, and then the Stags, and Rivermen) a slim chance at playoffs! (London has the same slim chance, just a different schedule) After that motivating story we go to the concepts!

Pittsburgh Penguins (Dallas K.)
Ah.. My favorite team nice that I get to see them at Soldier Field, but that obviously isn't the point of this concept. I don't think that I could get behind them using the roundel full time, nor that busy of a striping pattern. The return Robo-Penguin is interesting, but a lateral move IMO. One thing that I always point out when artists do this with Pens concept is the collar insert should be colored gold. To sum it up, Golden Triangle...In the logo...the one thing Reebok did right...Pittsburgh. I'm having a hard time finding anything that I like in this, but it's not a bad concept... at all. Concept Rating 7.5/10 (But an improvement over their currents)
Team Prussia (Alan J.H.)
When Prussia gets a hockey team pigs will be flying for sure! 1. It's in the dessert and 2. It doesn't exist anymore. That doesn't stop our writer Alan from making them jerseys though, and good ones at that. The dark jersey is perfect, but the feels more empty. Maybe using bigger striping or switching the colors in the striping would help. I hate it normally but maybe an off color name bar would look good on the white jersey. Don't know. I like the fonts used. Concept Rating 7.8/10 And a writers pick nom!
I've been making a bit more concepts lately and they are coming out pretty good, I want to unveil them as a series, so you have a bit of a wait coming before they hit town. Until next Monday goodbye!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday: How do you Supper Bole.

Hey guys. Justin here. I have one concept. For you.

"Retro-modern" Canucks by Ricky.

Writer Ricky has his the Canucks chapter of his "Retro-modern" series done. As a big fan of the Canucks and a jersey collector, I happen to own the original red jersey of this, and I really never considered a green/blue version of it. Johnny Canuck is an excellent choice for the crest. A lace-up collar really isn't necessary. I feel that the sublimated "check mark" graphic is a little too angled for my liking, compared to the original jerseys. And with the shoulder patches, please choose either the "VC" or Millionaires logo. It looks really weird having two different shoulder patches.

Nice jersey idea, little bits here and there, but this could be a legit jersey, and go Pavel Bure. 9.6/10 (See what I did there? No one? Ok.)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday: 1st day of February!

Howdy everyone, Alan here for another wonderful Saturday here at Hockey Concept Ideas. Yes is day one of February, and tomorrow is the Super Bowl! Today we got only 2 concepts, but first I got another rant I want to type about, let’s get on ranting shall we.

San Fran got “Bulled” out.
Remember last week that I said the San Francisco Bulls could be moving or fold? Well 2 days after my rant the team ceased operation, I been informed by many from Caden, to Icethetics (my jersey news bible) about this. Well that’s a no surprise to me, what’s surprise me was the Bulls wasn’t the first team to fold mid-season, in fact the last team to fold mid-season was the Augusta Lynx, that I didn’t know. Beside that this news remind me of the WHA now that’s what I called having bad market teams, don’t believe me, google it, and you’ll won’t believe on how many teams folded, relocated, and ceased mid-season that lead to the merge with the NHL.
I’m done ranting for now, so let’s get to some concepts O.K.

CCCP Concept [by Justin S.]
 Up points: Nice work on the lines on the arms. Stars are a good touch on the yokes. Lastly a hem stripe "yay!"
Down points: With just single lines on both arms, hem, including numbers, and word mark logo makes the jerseys plain to me.
My Suggestion: Add trims and you got a winner.

Team Canada IIHF Concepts [by K14]
Up Points: Like the logo, it maybe plain but it's a classic. Real lace is a good sign. Red and white only is alright with me. Two maple leafs as hem is fine with me.
Down point: Using the Toronto Maple Leafs shoulder patch as shoulder patch for Team Canada is alright, but I felt like is unfitting to me, it has the Maple Leafs vibe to it.
My Suggestion: Change the the Shoulder patch to make look less Maple leafs.

So after that is the Team Canada concept gets my writers pick. Here's once again everyone's favorite segment the "Hockey Videos from Youtube! (Double video edition)" Today is former TSN, and current Fox sports 1 anchor Jay Onrait calling hockey games featuring Sergei Bobrovsky!

Well that's today, come by tomorrow for Super Bowl Sunday post of HCI, until then, later.