Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednasday. 5 to go!

Sup jersey fans?!? Caden here. I can't believe that the 100th post will be on Monday! It will feature all 3 writers and 6 concepts! Maybe more if you guys send some in! My Eagle Scout project is Saturday at the Icemen game. I am doing a food drive and it's already been well advertised by the Icemen. Inclunding Radio and TV interveiws. I want to fill a bus! So if any of you are in Evansville November 16th, Bring me some food outside the Ford Center!

(I normally don't sound that nasal. I had a cold the day the video was made.)

To the concepts!

Carolina Hurricanes Jake88
The 'Nike NHL thingy is catching on and both of our concepts today are just that!"

The sublimated flag stripes
The fact that the coloUrs aren't red and black
The flags on the stripes
The execution

The brightness of the colors. That green should stay on the back of your blog.
The font
This may be the son of a Trainer woe, but the helmet logo is way too small

Overall, I like the creativity of this concept, and the execution is perfect. The brightness of the green especially ruins the concept for me

A 7.4/10

Buffalo Sabres Caden P. (Me)

I tried to capture the simplicity of the jerseys Nike is releasing lately, but not be too simple. As Jake pointed out my USA concept was. I also made a off color 3rd. Tell me what you think in the comments, and happy Wednasday!

Thanks for Reading!

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