Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday: Concept 101

See what I did in the title... No... Ok...

Recovering from that awkward moment, concepts?

Team Germany (Dylan Wonka)
Congrats to Mr. Wonka on getting his first concept on HCI. His work is some of the best on HJC and we are happy to have his concepts here, too. 

Review time! White jersey: perfect, don't change a thing. The flag striping looks good and so does the coat of arms (Bundesadler). Now the dark is a bit of a change. The sublimated yoke on the white becomes black alternating stripes and the jersey is almost completely free of any red or white. I can see how it would fit in with the theme of the Olympic jerseys, but yellow and black times classic Germany, doesn't work for me. In my opinion, their 2010 Olympic jerseys looked great, and black sublimation looked good. Concept Rating: 8/10, but this inspired my to make a dark jersey fix that I will post later tonight or tomorrow. 

Buffalo Sabres Concept Fix (Caden P.)
After reading my comments from yesterdays 100th post, Caden made this fix of his original concept. I like the return of pure blue and yellow (no grey or white other than in the logo) but there are a few things holding this concept back. First, I don't know why the Nike logos are sublimated in that way, and then there are the yokes. The phantom yoke is bugging me to death on the blue and on the white the yoke just looks wierd. The concept needs numbers to get a higher score with me, but as it is now a 7.5/10 is the score. 

So thanks for reading and if you haven't go check out the 100th post from yesterday!


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Thanks for reading! (and following!)

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