Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, Monday. Gotta get down on Monday!

Hello fellow concept fans! Caden here today on Veterans/Remembrance day.

 The Icemen have made a small uniform change which I thought I should mention here,



Notice the addition of shoulder yokes. Tell me what you think of the change in the comments!

To the concepts!

London Sabreswords Special Event Alan John Herbert

This is a Specialty Jersey by AJH for his HCIHL team, The London Sabreswords. 

The Font
The "Poppy" Colours
The Yoke Striping

The Black Arm panels

Creativity Credit:
I like the Poppy right/top corner and the leaf in the "Sabresword". Very creative!

A solid concept that is classy for a specialty jersey! A 9.8/10

Evansville Rivermen Memorial Day Game Caden Patafie

This is a Specialty Jersey I made for my HCIHL team, The Evansville Rivermen

I made this jersey for the Rivs. Sort of self explanatory. Tell me what you think in the comments!

Before I go, I would like to thank all who have served or are serving in the American or Canadian Armed Forces. Keeping the press free so I can "review" jerseys like Buffalo's third.

Thanks for reading! (And if you serve, Thanks for serving!)



  1. Getzlaf does play for the Foxes, you know . . .

    1. I have a number and name template I use for all my jerseys.


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