Thursday, November 21, 2013


Hello concept fans! Caden here for a 2nd consecutive day. The HCIHL will release some big news in the coming time sooo... YEAH. Really not much to talk about EXCEPT, This is a leak that hasn't been put on Icethetics OR HJC so THIS IS THE FIRST CONCEPT SITE TO REPORT THIS! The Swiss have leaked their Sochi jerseys so I will give you a look at them.

The chest stripe on the white (With 2 arm bands!) 
The corner logo
The "Suisse" on the arms

The black pants
The fact the the red jersey has NO striping at all
The fake laces.

Overall I like these jerseys. They keep the extras to a minimum. The red jerseys is too simple but that could be easily fixed

Jersey Rating
White 9/10
Red 7/10
Overall 8/10

Calgary Flames 3rd Brian B.
This is Brian's first concept on HCI and right off the bat I like it! It is outside the box like a 3rd jersey should be. Doesn't have that wordmark, and features in its place that "Calgary Fields" logo. I don't have any complaints with the jersey design, but I would add a pants stripe or logo. Also, why not have the sloping stripes on the socks like you have on the jersey? I really like the design of the jersey and this is what Calgary should have done. If I'm ever the GM of an NHL team, I will read Icethetics and HJC before we design our jerseys! 

For a first on HCI, a 9/10!

Do you think my review of Brian's jersey was fair? Do you like the Switzerland jerseys WHICH WE REPORTED ON FIRST? Start a convo in the comments! 

And in the words of Vsauce, And as always. Thanks for watching reading!



  1. Here's the full video of the jersey announcment...

  2. Did you notice the pattern in the chest stripe, it looks kinda like the hexagonal pattern on the side the page. The sock striping should be carried over to the arm striping of the red jersey.

  3. I like the white jersey, it's got a Red Wings feel to it. The dark jersey does as well, but the lack of striping makes it look like a long sleeve t-shirt or a basketball warm-up jacket.


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