Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday: Canada and St. John's?

Hello people who read this blog! In today's post I will be reviewing the Canadian Olympic jerseys and St. John's Icecaps new thirds. In my personal life, I scored a goal in my team's game yesterday and my first in the regular season. Sadly our team couldn't hold on to a 2-1 lead and we tied 2-2, I was a plus 2 in the whole game. In the game I had this morning we didn't do nearly as good and lost 1-2. On to the jerseys!


Team Canada
From Nike
In my opinion, these have by far the most potential of any of the jersey's released thus far. All you need to do is add the one stripe to the other side. Maybe if you want to, continue the gold outline of the leaf to the rest of the chest stripe, but it might be too much. Jersey Rating: 7.5/10

St. John's Icecaps 
From Icethetics
Here is a victory for concept artists everywhere. Troy Birmingham, a graphic artist from St. John's, Newfoundland approached the newly founded team in 2011 with his design. Although I wouldn't normally like this much silver anywhere, it doesn't look bad here (I'm not really a fan of the Whalers jerseys that were like that). The one thing that kinda confuses me is that the collar is a tiedown and the yoke is square. These are features that are on most of Reebok's new jerseys. I'm guessing Reebok got involved there. The logo isn't bad, for an American like me I had to read the Icethetics article to find out what the tower in the background was, but It's a good feature. Jersey Rating: 8/10

Texas Stars 
From Taylor Vause
I couldn't help but bring these up too. This is another concept artist who made his design in real life. This one was designed by a player of the Texas Stars though. The player, Taylor Vause, had done this before, with the Swift Current Broncos, he made two designs that he wore in games. You can read about them here. About the jerseys, the only problem is mismatching placement of the stars between the hem and sleeves. Jersey Rating: 8/10

Bye guys, Happy Veterans day tomorrow!

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