Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday: 10 PM East Coast Hockey

You may be used to being up at 10 PM Eastern to watch a sports event in the Pacific Time Zone, but I will be for one last time this regular season behind the PA microphone at Smead Arena for Springfield College club hockey. In the Mean time, another jersey came in, but we'll get to that later. First, a pair of concepts.

Team Canada (The World Championships)
Submitted by: Alan John Herbert

Alan has distributed what I think are the best team Canada concept I have come across by a concept designer. While there are produced one I actually don't mind, this would look even better in real time! The gold accenture is absolutely classic. The black highlights are well placed and even the extra two leaves are a welcomed addition. The main white looks more sophisticated than using black, though I do miss the main black stripe a little. Maybe a black helmet will ail my sadness. Gotta chose this one for my writer's pick this week.

Michigan v. Michigan State (Outdoors)
Submitted by: Alan John Herbert

Alan is being very traditional "doing new things for new events" as we saw with the NHL when introducing the new uniform templates. this is much the same idea with logos inside of logos. Other than that these might make for everyday use. I'm not significantly impressed with these other than the yoke striping inside the Spartans jersey. Then again, college is simple compared to any professional team really. So I guess it makes sense after all.

Surprise! I haven't been able to get my pictures of it up, but this was from the original listing. I liked this version better solely because of the character of the hem stripe, which kept this jersey sane before Reebok took over jersey making. Still looking for more classics, but only the same ones from the other times that still elude me. 

Keep sending in your stuff, we love seeing it and want to see it sooner rather than later. Drop us a line with your content, just remember our guidelines. In no time, you'll see me back here in one weeks time. Until then, I bid you a good weekend!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday: I'm sad now

Hey HCI fans! A couple big changes going on. A redo of our site to a more simple design. There are a couple of kinks to work out but in the most part it looks good. 2ndly, a new writer for Wednesdays. Joey has applied for HockeyJerseyConcepts in the past, and will be a good addition to our site. Why am I sad, you may ask? Well, both concepts today are for team in the warm Caribbean, and it made me feel even colder.

Bahamas. Even sadder. This is a nice looking concept. Flag is incorporated well. I actually like the "Bahamas" on the arms. I would have put a small "visit" above it, like the Orlando Solar Bears do on their jerseys. I like the logo, the numbers could use an outline though. The effect of not having white on the blue jersey is a nice one. I would have made the tie down blue as well so their would only be one change between both jerseys. Like the Swiss Olympic jerseys.

This looks more like a North Pole concept than a Caribbean one! I would have thinned the striping so all 5 stripes fit in the space that 4 take up now, and moved the star down. With the extra space above the star I would put a Buffalo3rdesque wordmark below the collar. The shoulder patch is neat and simple. A solid jersey design here from Dallas.

Do you want to have your concepts featured on our blog. Send them in at We will post any concept sent in, so keep em coming!


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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday: New HCI Writer!

Hello, everybody! I'm Joey, the new HCI Wednesday writer!

Few things you should know about me:
-I am 13 years old
-I only play road hockey
-I LOVE the Toronto Maple Leafs
-I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Hamilton is pretty much one big construction site.
-In other jersey talk, I want the leafs to use their current alternate as their home jersey...

Anyways, I will be marking your concepts out of 10. I know that the Buffalo Sabres’ “Turd Burger” Jerseys certainly will not be perfect by a LONGSHOT.

Anyways, now on to the concepts:

Edmonton Oilers Alternate Jersey Concept - Dallas K.

What I Like: The logo is a cropped, recoloured version of the Oilers' 25th anniversary logo.I like the main orange colour, that really brings out the blue, I would love this as an alternate. The Oilers' last alt jerseys were awful. K14 always produces good work!

What I Dislike: Maybe - I repeat, maybe - some more blue would be nice.

Overall: I would love to see this as an alternate, you should send this in to the Oilers! Once again, great work as always from K14 Koncepts. 8.5/10

Calgary Flames Concept - Dylan w.

What I Like: I like the recoloured Flames alternate logo as the shoulder patch! The away jersey is the best in this set - the red yoke is great, and the colours blend well.

What I Dislike: I think the logo on the away jersey should have a darker outline. Also, I wish that the yoke on the red jersey was white, or a different colour than red.

Overall: Dylan Wonka always produces great work! 7.5/10

I give a Writer's Pick Nomination to Dallas' Edmonton Oilers concept!

Well that sums up my first HCI post!

Thank you for reading, and make sure to come back and read Caden's post tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday, Fill in the Blank

Hey HCONCEPTI readers! I would first like to say thanks, not only to readers, but submitters as well, for making it possible to do what we do. Soon there will be some big changes to the site. It will include a new background, and side bars on each side of the posts with new features. Also, I'm going to add an advertisement to earn money to purchase a domain for the blog. Don't worry, typing in will still redirect it to the new domain. That is all off in the future though. We will be debuting our new Wednesday writer tommorow. Jake88 will continue to write on Mondays. Changes and more changes!

I always thought black needed to be brought back to the Tampa bay design, and this does it perfectly! I like the striping on the home jersey, but on the away the blue and black don't stand out enough. The drop shadow is a nice way to add black to the logo. The font choice is nice.

What I would do: Put a gap between the striping. Change the tie down on the blue jersey to white.

A second design of the day for Dallas, this one brings the Kings back to a variation of their original colors. The logo on the away jersey looks sweet. On the home the yellow and white don't stand out enough. The shoulder patch is creative. If you drew it yourself, good job! If not, be sure to credit the artist. 

What I would do:Though the jerseys and logos look cool, I would recolor them to Black, White, And Silver. I would also take the away log and place it on the home jersey with a slight outline.   

Come back tommorow for our new writer! He brings a new twist to the blog. Until then, Caden says...


Oh yeah, My WPC nomination goes to Dallas' Tampa Bay concept. 


Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday: A Blue and White Kinda Day

Hello everybody who reads this blog, I'm Jake Miller (Jake88) and I will be writing you post. I hope everyone enjoyed the first two Stadium Series game, I will get to see the fourth.
Oh Wait, I didn't tell the twitter world or the Internet in general about that. Well I found out after my post and well I can't wait to sit in below freezing temperatures and watch a hockey game from 100 feet away. Just joking, even with those downsides it's going to be a really fun time. The only downside is that I miss a hockey tournament in Detroit, with my team. The other upside is that my Grandparents bought me a Jussi Jokinen stadium series jersey. And again I can't wait until it comes. The HCIHL scores will be added later.

Toronto Maple Leafs (By Joey F.)
Joey's concept starts us out with a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey that blends era pretty well. Not sure about how the logo would full time, and as much as I'm a fan of chest stripes, I think Southern Quebec would have a riot if an other time, especially their biggest rivals, wore chest stripes. (Meanwhile northern Quebec countinues to be able to support a hockey team in Quebec City, but can't, Please help this wonderful city get the NHL team they rightfully deserve). The yoke is from the 70's and 80's, and the striping pattern (on the socks now) is from the 30's. I wouldn't use Boston's unique font, but rather one from the Leafs currents. (Speaking of fonts, I recommend that everybody looks at Conrad's custom font thread at The lace collar looks nice, but I wish the hem striping matched the sleeve striping. Concept Rating: 7.5/10
Johnstown Jets Throwback (By Jake88/Me)
Well my team has been doing good of late, with us being on a four game winning streak, and winning 9 out of the last ten games we've played. I didn't want to use the script Jets logo, and I didn't want to use Johnstown, since we spilt the city with another team. I kinda based it off the Toronto jerseys we wear (the socks). I thought putting the name in the yoke would look good and it did. I figured that NO ONE would buy vintage equipment for the game, so I used the current equipment. By the way, I have and wear gloves like that for games. I hope you like it!
Well that's all for today, thanks for reading and I'll probably see everyone on Wednesday.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday, Justin's busy. Filling in again.

Hey guys, this post will be quick. Justin is busy so I (Caden) will be filling in. I missed the staidum series, I wanted to watch the rerun today but I decided to read bleeping twitter and saw the scores. Well, not the scores but I saw that the Ducks got a shutout. I think every outdoor game should end in a shootout. Can that be a rule?

For Cuba, this is a solid design by Dallas. It takes colors from their baseball jerseys, yet has a unique design. The yoke stripes look good. The stars add to the design. I would have made a silver alternate with the "ROC" logo on the crest. I don't think the font works here for such a modern design.

A 9/10

Sorry that em post was so short. Jake will take us back to normality tommorow. Check out the HCIHL website on, follow me on Instagram (@cadenpataf), twitter (@CPatafie) and follow our blog by entering your email into the box in the right. Thanks for reading, Have a good Sunday!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday: No "Bull" from me!

Hello everyone, Alan here for another wonderful Saturday here at Hockey Concept Ideas. Today we got only 2 concepts, Witch one will be my "Writers Pick?" But first I got a rant I need to get off my chest, let’s get on ranting shall we.

San Fran getting “Bulled” out.
Reports tells the ECHL’s San Francisco Bulls is in a pickle, the team lost $2 million both this year and last year! It’s a no shock to me because look at it this way. They are in San Fran home of the 49ers (until they move to their new stadium in Santa Clara), they’re playing in an arena that is in a bad condition that needed list of upgrades, and lastly they just can’t draw at all. Unless the Golden State Warriors NBA team lets them play in their arena, or if they find some new owners that can buy the team and move them to somewhere better then in San Fran. If not this team could fold after this season or even sooner! It’s sad to see a team that could have a long term success in a big market, but it didn’t happen for this team sadly enough.

I feel much better now, so let’s get to some concepts

Arizona Coyotes Concept [by K14]
 Up points: I like the stripes on the arms is well placed, and well colored smartly. Standard block numbers gets an thumbs up from me on that one. Using the paw logo as shoulder patch is O.K. Darker shade red with sand, black, and green really give it a fitting color set for this team.
Down points: The logo is alright, but doesn't fit the team at all, using the Hartford Wolf Pack head as the coyote is alright but using it for an NHL team is not an easy task. it was a good idea but the color choices seem not working with me. On the road the sand color use as trims on stripes and numbers look like it's blending with white. The lack of hem stripes makes these jerseys empty. There's black on the home but the only black I see is on the logo.
My Suggestion: Add hem stripes with the same treatment as you did with the arms, change the sand color on the coyotes head with dark red color you got there, and lastly on the road switch the sand color with black to make it more eye popping.

Calgary Flames Concept [by K14]
Up points: Classy look with double stripes on both on arms and hem. The logo is always classic and good. the colors always a eye popper in a good way!
Down points: The flaming horse logo was a good idea, but with black on it looks empty to me. The front numbers is unnecessarily need to be add.
 My Suggestion: Remove the front numbers. The shoulder patch on the home jersey switch the white and yellow, and on the road switch the white and red to give that little touch to it without adding black to my opinion.

After much thought I say the Flames concept gets a "Writers Pick" nomination from me.

Before I go, I got another random video. This one is a small clip of a kid staking around the Red Wings rink holding up the game and former TSN, and now current FOX Sport 1 broadcaster Jay Onrait is not happy about it.

Well that's today, come by here tomorrow as  Justin gives you the rest of the weekend or beginning of a week depends on witch way you look at it. Until then, later. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

. . . And My Man J-Roney

You'll find this in Whoomp, There it is: "That's me, DC - and my man Steve Roney!" Well, not quite. I'm not DC and his name is Jeremy, not Steve. But our concepts are featured here today. One aspect of my posting over time is that I don't have a bias to any team other than the Ducks, however I do endearingly (as a hockey enthusiast) mock team nicknames (the Strangers, the Lames, etc . . .) so please don't take them as such. Elsewhere I'm getting really excited over that big win to get the Ducks back on good terms at home.

Playstation 4
Submitted by: Jeremy Roney

The new Playstation 4 was something I thought that Sony would not pursue a yet here we are. Considering it's a heavy part of the branding, I am somewhat surprised that more gradient isn't used here. The only thing that really irks me is the disproportionate number and name. As for the front number, bring it down and towards the center a little. But I am pleased with the result, it is certainly unique from anything I have seen.

Vancouver Canucks
Submitted by: Ricky (Me)

This was the first of the currently available and to be produced in my retro-modern series. A twist on an old classic. The classic being the gradient and tick just to the current color scheme and the twist being Johnny Canuck. Since his number had been recently retired by the Canuckleheads, I used Pavel Bure to "model" the jersey (if you will). Again, this series is to be accurate in some areas (application of design) while adding new elements (change of color and number layout {not font or logo necessarily}). Because it is a retro-modern series, every jersey will feature one thing that the originals did not have: lace-up collars. The Lace-up collars are intended to further imply the "retro-ness" of the jersey. As for the jaggedness of the tick lines, I have no idea how that happened because they were fine when I finished it.

Image courtesy of: Dave Roback (Springfield Republican)
Notice the gentleman in the orange tie next to ranked player #13 Paul White in the distance? That's me at the end of the Whitney Young bench liaisoning the team during their visit to campus. This is the same team that has the nation's #1 ranked high school player in the country, Jahlil Okafor (committed to Duke for next season). Jahlil is a very reserved individual but still a very polite young man. He is a cousin of Emeka, the NBA player of the Washington Wizards. This is my fourth year volunteering the tournament, third as team liaison. I usually get three or four teams per year, so I fortunately get to see a lot of good talent and many familiar coach. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is a regular and the occasional NBA coach arrives such as Doc Rivers when his son Austin played two years ago.

Back to hockey, I will have at least one other new jersey on the way soon. For surprise sake, I won't tell you until it arrives for next week's post. I don't generally want to nominate my own concepts on my posts, but this week I am making an exception - particularly as I have had nothing to show on HJC. Despite what I do like from today's other concept, it doesn't quite fit the bill for me (not that mine does). But I also would like to see what people think of mine thus I am nominating my Canucks jersey for writer's pick. The Ducks lost their first regulation game at home to the Jets earlier in the week, but the bulk of remaining games for the Ducks are at home, so this plays very well to their advantage and quite possibly the President's Trophy. Credit to the Jets for playing so well since the hiring of Paul Maurice as their head coach. On the even brighter side, I have the Stadium Series game to look forward to tomorrow! 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday: Degrees in the negative.

Warmth. While the old Icemen Equipment Manager bragging about how it is 80° in Arizona, his current home. I'm in degrees dropping into the negatives and peaking no higher than 19° (Ferenheit). I know that that is normal for all you Canadian readers, but for western Indiana it's coldly abnormal. The Ohio River froze in the early 1900s, I wonder if it will happen again? Schools are closed just because of the cold (very low precipitation), and stuff like Girl Scouts not coming to my door with cookies makes me want to live in Arizona with "Smoke". God how I hate the cold! God how I hate the hot in summer! I want it to be 78° all year long. Sorry about the rant, that's not what you're here for, concepts are. Here ya go!

Minnesota Wild [Dallas Kirkpatrick]
The "State of Hockey" patches are cool, but I'm sure some other states could give Minnesota a run for their money. I doubt they would win, but Minnesota isn't the only hockey loving state I know, but defenditly the greatest. Don't like the one thick stripe with 2 thin outlines. What I would do with this concept is take Minnisota's real away jersey, add the "State of Hockey" patches, and build a matching dark jersey. Though this concept is cool it could be better.

*SIDE NOTE* Mabye include backs to your concepts? It would help me see the font better (in this case it looks pretty cool) and for a concept that you would want to include an off color namebar (wheat would look good opinion the home jerseys case) you couldn't do that.

A wild 7/10. If you fix the striping alone and add gaps between each one an easy 9/10!

Saint Louis Blues Alternate [Justin Sulpico]
Great idea making a new alternate jersey for the Blues, they need it. Bringing back the red is also a good choice. I like the template, I would have done something cool with the logo, like slanted it hard with the striping or something. To really make the striping pop.
I would have also chosen a more modern font, as is isn't a throwback, but "a modern jersey with classic elements" (Stadium Series much?) And changed the yellow in the collar to red.

Outstanding Idea! A 8.5/10. Would have been a nine if you had of put your name or ID on the concept. Always do that folks!

How was my post? Sorry for the rant at the beginning. I wrote it while I was freezing in my bedroom with my heater on high. Cant wait for spring! Playoffs, Rain (I actually like rain if it's warm) and Easter candy at Walgreen's. Can't be beat! Also, do you want your concept reviewed in a post by one of our 5 talented writers? Send them in at


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday: The 164st

I know 164 isn't very important, but it's been awhile since HCI has had a number as a post name. And quite frankly, I'm out of titles. I forgot to put this in my post on Monday, so I thought it wasn't too late to put it in now. My hockey team went on a bus trip to play a double A team in Prince William, Virginia. The first game was close, just not as much on the scoreboard, the final score was 2-0. The second game (the main reason I wanted to include this in the post) was again close, 3-2, the final, but not the reason I wanted to write about it. The team from Prince William decided to wear bright pink jerseys honoring breast cancer patients. At first it was a bit "hard" on the eyes, but after a little while, I got used to it and it was normal. I just find it pretty cool that they would do something like that. Well that's my little story, now for the reason you came, the concepts!

Atlanta Thrashers (By Dallas K.) 
Though I'd never be in favor of another team in Atlanta, I wouldn't mind if they wore jerseys like this. I don't think the space in the striping is necessary and with that change the striping on the white jersey should be Maroon, Yellow, Blue. Another thing I thought about when I first reviewed it, is the blankness of the hem. I think a normal hem stripe would be pretty boring, but maybe if you used a type of side panel striping similar to their old alternate, yeah the Motocross plus Football equals horrible hockey jersey alternate. If you make that line up with the arm striping I think that for a modern jersey it would look pretty good! Concept Rating 7.8/10
Carolina Hurricanes (By Dallas K.)
Now here's a southern city that should have a team. Carolina, has been a team with sellout crowds, unlike Dallas, and Florida. The striping, though it fits the logo, looks too Tampa. I would like it more if the yoke had a little zig zag in it too. I also don't really like the new logos, and I don't think Charlotte's logo fit's the main club. There should be more black in the white jersey and maybe some white in the black. Concept Rating 6.9/10
So come back tomorrow to see Caden's post, Friday for Ricky's, Saturday for Alan's, and Sunday for Justin's. Next up? Me again. Until then later...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday. I might be mutated, nobody knows.

Oi jack! Caden's here again from Beautiful* (*Not Really because we don't have water because the chemicals from West Virginia came all the way down the river to here and the whole town smells like 2 year old licorice mixed with dead fish...) Evansville Indiana! I think the writers pick is a cool idea for a concept, it shows (no matter the rating) what the best concept is. Speaking of concepts, get to it shall we?

*EDIT BY CADEN* Ok, So it ends up we can drink our water, I wrote the intro on Sunday where everyone was making a big deal about it.

Winnipeg Jets [Dallas Kirkpatrick]
  Ah, I like this concept, but this is almost exactly what I invisioned the Fapitals wearing! Take off the front numbers and change the logo and you have a good Caps concept. Take off the front numbers and you have a good Jets concept. Either way the front numbers have to go. Also, would the Phoenix Coyotes let the Jets use the old logo? Or is it not even their decision, but the NHL's? Not sure, but something to look into when you're planning an event.

Colorado Avalance [Robb Clarke]
Although the Colorado state colors would be good colors for a minor league team, the Avs have good colors already, and I wouldn't change them. I do like the idea of a blue jersey for the Avalance. Maybe blue with maroon and black as secondary colors? The block font is fine, but I would have used the Av's current font. The concept as a whole is fine, but nothing says Colorado (other than the colors) or Avalance. I would take the good elements from this jersey and create a new design.

*2ND EDIT BY CADEN* A Heritage Jersey! The sense this makes is great! I thought it was an alternate which I didn't like. But as a jersey giving homage to the Rockies it's cool. 

After careful thought I have decided to give my writers pick nomination for this post to neither Robb's Avalance concept. I thought it better than Dallas's.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday: A Vey Uninspired MLK Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day from HCI! Right now I probably couldn't complete a hockey jersey concept if my life depended on it so, I've decided to write this post. Yay. Here are your weekly HCIHL scores.

Evansville Rivermen 175.9 - Altoona Express 106
Skopje Lisici 224.8 - Hamilton Stags 144.1
London Sabreswords 195.2 - Louisville Lynx 159.2

On to the concepts!

Hartford Whalers (By Dallas K.)

 Hartford's a franchise that defiantly should come back. So Dallas takes on the challenge of giving them jerseys. Lets dive in!

I don't like how... plain the striping is. A lot of teams already use patterns that are very similar to it. Maybe angling the striping and adding some white in the blue jersey's striping and silver in the white, would make it more unique. The only other issue I can't get past is the lack of (a large) outline on the logo on the blue jersey. I feel if you put a larger outline on it it would be a lot more visible. Concept Rating 7.5/10 Good but with some changes it could be great.

Charlottetown Islanders   (By Robb C.)
Robb's work is very impressive for being so "young" of a designer. The striping is very well done. I wish something more was done with the collar (extra outline, ect...). I don't find the piping yoke very necessary on the black jersey, and I think that there should be used more in the striping on the white. I'd have to see how the pants looked in real life before I make a decision on if I like them or not. I also think that I more "special" font should be used, one that matches the logo. Concept Rating 7.9/10 Like Dallas' Good but with some changes it could be great.
So that's all for today.
Bye and keep reading the blog for more and more good concepts!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday: The 18th of January

Hi, blog-reading folk. I hope you're enjoying the remainder of your weekend. For those in Canada, I hope you had an enjoyable Hockey Day in Canada, which was yesterday, and for those also in Canada and in the United States, I hope you participated in National Hockey Card Day where card shops, London Drugs and Toys R Us locations across both countries gave away free packs of cards. I have the complete Canadian set which included a Nathan Mackinnon rookie card! I'm not too sure about the American set, which included American players and different cards. Anyway, TO THE CONCEPTS.

Edmonton Oilers by: K14 Koncepts

We jersey folk long for an orange Oilers jersey, and Mr. K14 does exactly that. I like the custom logo, I don't think I could pull off anything like that on Photoshop or something. I like the lace-up collar, a good change from the collars that the Oilers are currently using. I don't know why but a lack of hem stripe actually looks good. The yoke would look better if it was rounded off on the ends. God forbid numbers on the upper chest, please. They just look really tacky. In real life, the NHL has already slapped numbers everywhere. The backs, sleeves, backs of helmets, fronts of helmets (equally as tacky), San Jose and Buffalo already do it, 2 teams is enough.

HJC AHL Stadium Series entry by: Justin S. (me)

This was my entry into HJC's currently ongoing competition. It wasn't added because I sent it in 30 minutes after the deadline :/. Any of my fellow writers are free to review it in an upcoming post.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday: Just another classic day.

Hello I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to. Welcome to another Saturday, posted by me yours truly! Today, more concepts! Let's go!

*EDIT BY CADEN* Soon I will fill you in on the new competition thing going on*

Edmonton Oilers alternate logo concept [by Ware]
There are three of them, all of them got the oil tower with the team's word mark. One got the maple leaf, the middle got an oil drop with the team's old colors, and the last one is the same, but with the team's current colors. Out of all three, the third one is the best to my mind.

Team Denmark Concept [by Jake88]
Up points: The country's flag as arm stripes is always an good idea in my book! The main logo is classy good. The stripes on the socks, and pants is well placed. Lastly the fonts is an good choice.
Down points: Beside the stupid fake collar, nothing.
My suggestion: replace the fake collar with a better one.

Well that's today post, but before I go I decide to post another random video, a classic one from the world of YouTube! This was dated back in 2010, during the Coyotes owner-less saga a lot of funny videos was made, but this takes the cake, Until then, I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday: Happy Birthday, Indeed

As I am getting ready for day two of the Spalding Hoophall Classic, I am enjoying a quiet birthday to get away from the chaos of this tournament. And on Sunday, as I have the day off, I will be continuing my job as the official PA announcer for my college's club hockey team. Then classes start on Tuesday as MLK Day is the last day of Hoophall. Elsewhere, I am submitting a concept in my recently started retro-modern series and hope you will enjoy it, one of three currently completed.

AHL vs. Färjestad BK
Submitted by: Robb Clarke

Oh my goodness I'm in love with this concept, I want to suggest it to my good colleague Dave Andrews! Yes, remember him, the one whose class I took - who is the CEO and President of the AHL? Yes him. Almost everything makes sense. Not knowing which jerseys  will be worn by the visitors, having a back-up jersey is always a good idea. I like gradient not because it is semi-pro hockey, but because it is an special event match not a season competition. The only thing I'd like to know is why solid numbers sans outline are featured on the white uniform. But Robb pretty much nailed this one.

Colorado Avalanche
Submitted by: K14 Koncepts
I really like this set from K14 as well, but it's too eerily similar to a pair of familiar jersey sets: St. Louis and Anaheim - both of the 90s. There isn't enough distinction in the striping despite an additional stripe and the hem color not being extended on the sleeves. To make the striping look original, turn it int a jagged set of lines to create a mountainous looking terrain like the old jerseys, but with the same angles used here instead. The silver help create a fake metallic feel to it as well, and is what it should be doing as an accent color.

Retro-modern: Burger King
Submitted by: Ricky (Me)
With this one, I wanted to be both original and authentic at the same time. I took what I liked from the original Burger King jersey and added others not from it. of course, I am also making sure the jerseys actually have a different color from what they originally were. I would really like to see the purple come back as well as the crest logo I used. Yes I do realize that I slightly undersized the back numbers.

Well, it's going to be a busy rest of the day and I am going to finish preparing for it. And with the upcoming events, it will be very interesting for sure. Enjoy your weekend!