Saturday, November 2, 2013


Sup? Caden here! Sorry about the late post. There's no jersey news to write about or anything like that, so these intros are the hardest part to write. A quick HCIHL update before the concepts

All 3 of the scores have changed since I took this screenshot. The difference is no more than .2 though.

Buffalo Sabres Me (Caden)

I made this concept with many elements of the Sabre's history, and added some new features, but tried to keep everything clean and balanced. The only difference from Home to Away is switching white with blue, Except for keeping the collar and cuffs blue and replacing the helmet logo with a wordmark. You can review my concept in the comments, or Jake/Justin can review it at a later date.

Reading Royals Jake88

I like this concept. A fresh clean jersey Reading needs. From their jerseys to there arena, it's all too old fashioned and bland. A 3rd like this would fix that! I'm a fan of that shade of purple in all the jerseys, not just this one. The unique yoke is also a big plus! I'm not getting the Diamond on the shoulder yokes, but if you explained your reasoning it would be fine. I would swicth the numbers so it would be Grey with a Black outline. And that pants stripe! Not my favorite! Those are my only complaints for the design. *Quick Execution Note. As of 13/14, The ECHL uses CCM jerseys, and not Reebok. As pictured below. They also use the "Pre Edge" wool socks. 

My likes outweigh the dislikes and execution errors. A "royal" 8/10

Sorry for the lateness! Thanks for reading! (See what I did there) (Ya know, the Reading concept) (Cause there spelled the same) (No?) (Ok!)


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  1. About the diamond comment, check out their page. The diamond is in most of their logos.


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