Monday, November 18, 2013

100! 100! Ohhhhh 100! IOO

*Does little dance around room* Caden here. Whooo! we finally made it! 100 posts going from a site where I was the only writer to a 3 writer site. A big thanks to Matt McElroy for helping me with the redesign of the site. Thanks to Jake88, Alan John Herbert, and Justin Sulpico for writing for the site. Today we will have all 3 writers write about 3 different concepts, in a 3 part extravaganza. Since my intro is already done. I will go first.

Dallas Stars Alan John Herbert

Alan brings us a Dallas concept which I love! Just change the font to something a little less cornery (CORNERy. NOT CORNy) and remove the yoke stripes. I also like the color balance on both jerseys with the hem and arm stripes. A good concept with lots of potential. The stars point to a 9/10 from me.

PS. you also might want to change the color layout on the gloves too.

Hamburg Freezers Jake88

The double blue color scheme
The Blue arms on the white jersey
That sexy pants stripe!
The socks

The faux sash
The blue helmet with the white jersey
The tie down collar (The jersey looks modern and sleek. The tie down collar is more classic.)

This jersey left me frozen. But that hawtt pants stripe thawed me out. An 8/10.

Finland Olympic Hockey Team Sochi 2014 Caden (Me)

I made this Concept based off the jerseys Nike released recently. The only changes I made were

Darkening the blue
Adding a yokes on the jerseys
Removing the flag striping on the blue
Adding red accents

Let me know what you think in the comments!

The post isn't done yet! Jake and Alan still have to write!

Keep reading!

Hey, Hey, Hey everyone! Alan here in doing my part of the 100th post. Let's get going then.

Donask Donbass concept (by Jake)
Pure Brilliant concept by Jake here, the mountain design on the hem, good arm stripes, nice choice of fonts, using yokes is an nice touch. Overall: Best concept made by Jake I've ever seen. Score: 10/10

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Caden)
If the NHL decide to go Nike this one they should do. The white jersey may have an large logo, but adding an arm stripe, and yoke to make up for it. The dark jersey has an not a very big logo, but big enough to go across the jersey, stripe on the hem, and stripes on the wrists. I recommend adding arm stripes on the dark jersey and you're good. Score: 7.5/10

Windsor Spitfires OHL Concept (by me)
I'll let you all read the details my concept here. I just made their blue as the main color, and use the team's old logo and add the team's current word mark on it.

Well that's my post for 100, Jake will finish the rest. Til then later.

Picking up where Alan let off, I will run the final trek of the 9 concept race. I just want to say, I think I joined writing for this blog on it's 8th post or at least in area, and I've stuck with it ever since. On to my concepts!

Milwaukee Admirals (Alan Herbert)
Alan impresses us with this great Milwaukee Admirals concept from HJC's competition. I like striping, simple and effective, in other words, it works. Although I have never been a fan of Milwaukee's branding, this logo works quite well. There are a few changes I'd make though. The light blue helmet isn't working for me, I'd make it black. The number font works (and I'd like to know what it is) but I'd add an extra outline to look more like the striping. Other than that, nice concept and a 8.5/10.

Buffalo Sabres (Caden Patafie)
 Well here's one for you,  courtesy of our great leader, Caden. This is what he thinks like Buffalo would look like in the Nike Swift template. The grey jersey is a good idea and looks nice with the color scheme. About the colors though, I don't think a lot of Buffalo fans would want this as their full time jersey (not that Nike is exactly doing what people want anyway). I like the grey yoke on the black jersey and the inverted colors, it's a risky move that I might not have done, but it looks nice. On the third I'd put the original striping on it rather than the plain striping. Concept Rating: 8.3/10

Milwaukee Admirals (Jake88/Me)
My turn! This was my entry into HJC competition. I already said that I don't like Milwaukee's current branding so I used a older logo. I based the striping off of that logo, too. Since the "line" (I don't know what else to call it) is a big part of the Admiral's branding I put it on the numbers, like the big club in Nashville's guitar strings, and as a collar effect. I like it and I hope you do too!

Well I can't believe that it's been this long. The blog started in early August and I've been helping pretty much the whole time. To tell the truth, the only reason I joined this blog, is because of our newest writer. Yeah, Alan was the reason the blog is the way it is today. When he submitted a concept to me new blog, I felt I should do the same for another blog, to pass the favor along. After submitting a few concepts to Caden, he asked me to write on Friday of that week. Soon, Friday turned into every other day and HCI truly began.

As always thanks for reading. It's really nice to have a increasing reading population and I hope that someday we turn into a HJC or an Icethetics. Goodbye, from all of us at HCI! 

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