Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday: Middle of the Island!

What's up, Alan here in doing an all Islanders post, let's get going.

New York Islanders concept [by Steve]
Once again another 4th jersey series by Steve. This jersey maybe plain to some, but it's smart to me! Good move on the using the stripes on both arms, hem. good chose of putting the lighthouse logo, and the team's main logo on the shoulder. The only down point that isn't too much it's the lack of outline on the lighthouse logo, beside that this is an very good Islanders concept one of those I wish they use this for the "Stadium Series." Score: 9/10

New York Islanders concept [Jake88]
 This concept I believe what would look like if the NHL jersey system took over by Nike. Nice idea on making the wave stripes on the arms, and the wave stripe base on the fishstick logo is an good touch. Numbers and nameplate is clean, and straight! Overall: An good Islanders jersey, only in an alternate level. Score: 8/10

New York Islanders concept [by Me]
This was part of an HJC contest called "Make the Fishstick logo look good Competition." I use the wave stripes that was base on my Erie Otters concept, made it 4 stripes for "you know what the 4 stripes means by now," the logo was tricky to do, but pulled off nicely. The colors are blue, orange, navy blue, and white. What do you think? What score you give this?
Well that's today post! Be here tomorrow for my Sunday post, til then later.


  1. For your Islanders concept, I would replace the navy with black, I think it would look good in that situation.

  2. I like your Isles one Alan. I think switching the royal blue with Black would look better than taking away the navy.
    A 8/10

  3. I admit it I was debating on ether black or navy, it took me two days to think about it, and in the end I choose navy over black, but thanks for the feedback guys.


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