Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday: Post-Halloween Special; Also Some B10

Hello Everybody! Who's still on a sugar high from last night? Not me! I had hockey last night so even if I wanted to go out and get candy for free, I couldn't. I think that my team does that on purpose so we don't rot out our teeth. Anyway, the Express carry the lead over the undefeated Stags into tonight, but I'm sure that they plan on erasing that soon. We will see on Sunday if the Stags will be 5-0 or 4-1.


London Sabreswords (HCIHL) (Alan John Herbert) 
This is pretty cool. Alan makes a special Halloween Night jersey for his HCIHL team the Sabreswords. I like the modified logo with the Pumpkin instead of the "S". The font truly works with this jersey, although I would have the white outline touch the black number. That is my only complaint. One note: If you want to check out what Alan was going for with this jersey, check it out here. Concept Rating 8/10 (For the fact that the jersey is just a recolor of that Bruins jersey).

Northwestern Wildcats (Jake88/Me)
Ok, I have to explain this before it gets torn apart. The jersey is based on the schools football uniforms. Which have a chest stripe that continues to the arms. I figured doing another chest stripe would be predictable so I did a hem stripe that continues as cuffs. Since that style of look works on the Montreal Canadiens white jersey so I think that it wouldn't look bad here. One more note. Check out the pants, I really wanted to put the number instead of a team logo on the pants, so I figured this would be a time to it. 


About time for me to end this post so have a good day and bye!

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