Sunday, June 1, 2014

25K views, Instagram, and a new beginning. Good Bye Readers :'(

       Hey HCI readers! Caden here ONE LAST TIME as I bring you the final HCI post. Wow, it's been a while since iv'e written a post, and since I wrote the first one, I'm writing the last one. What a ride it's been! Thanks for staying with us through the ups and downs, as we were committed to be one of the best hockey blogs out there. Obviously that didn't happen, bu we still reached 25,000 views. So THANK YOU.

       Since we couldn't compete with the excellence of Hockey Jersey Concepts or the popularity of Icethetics, It was a tough decision, but the HCI Board of Directors voted unanimously to shut the blog down. We decided that we wanted to deliver a good product, and many of the staff didn't have time for full blown posts anymore. Still, we wanted to keep HCI alive, and wanted to continue posting concepts, on a new playing field, one that hasn't been tried or tested. Enter Instagram. A few weeks ago, The HCI Directors decided to shut the main website down, and make a concept Instagram page. We decided we would have time for that, and we didn't have to compete/ripoff anyone.

Even though we wont have new blog posts, Me, Jake Miller, And Ricky Mazella will be posting twice a day on the NEW Hockey Concept Ideas. Our new setup hosted on Instagram and not blogger allows us to showcase concepts in a neat, orderly fashion, without having long cumbersome blog posts to distract you. It also has a better following feature than when we were hosted on Blogger as now people can view HCI submitted concepts as part of a group, or by themselves.

So yeah, go to THIS LINK TO CHECK US OUT!!!, and set up an account and follow us, since unfortunately Instagram doest allow us to see pageviews, as Blogger did.

And one last time, Thanks for Reading!


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