Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday: Thanksgiving in the US

So today's Thanksgiving in the US, and well I'm thankful for...

My family

See what I did there.

Anyway later today I'm going to feast on some turkey, and I'm already wanting it now! Check our Twitter page for our weekly bonus concept featured on Sunday. As Caden told you yesterday, we have picked up a new writer, Ricky Mazella, and his first post will be tomorrow. Since Caden didn't promote it on the new Questions and Answers page, I suggest you check it out. It has answers to questions from our writers and it tells you a bit more about us. On to the concepts!


Ottawa 67's (By Alan John Herbert)
These jerseys are quite similar to the currents but certainly not identical. Alan updates the logo along with adding a black shoulder yoke to the red jersey. In my opinion, both of those moves improve upon the currents. The white jersey, though is a lateral move though. I think I might prefer the current extended yoke a bit more, but both are fine. Concept Rating: 8/10

Evansville Thunder Youth Ice Hockey Team (By Caden P.)
This is Caden's old hockey team, and have one of the better original logos that I've seen in Junior hockey (my Jets have the best! :woot:). But anyway, the black jersey looks good, the white stripes make the purple pop, but the white jersey doesn't. The black mixes in with the purple so I'd put a white stripe in between them. Also I'd add a grey stripe in the middle of the stripe. Concept Rating 7.6/10

Toronto Maple Leafs 4th Jersey (By Steve M.)
The Maple Leafs had uniforms like this from the 1970's until 1992, but Steve shows us that they can still work. The originality comment that I had on Steve's Sharks concept applies here too. I do like the return of the name font though. Suggestion: Try to incorperate different eras of Toronto jerseys in this to make it better. It's another good jersey, but yet again, the lack of originality hurts the grade. Concept Rating: 6.5/10

Anaheim Ducks Stadium Series Prediction Concept (Jake88/Me)
I made this as I was writing this post. It uses elements from the "hockey bear" t-shirt design and the recently released Islanders jersey. Also note the semi-elongated numbers and helmet stripes. If it is anything close to the design I'll be suprised.


I hope you can agree with the reviews that I was giving. 

In other news my blog had it's first post since September so check it out. Also the Islanders unveiled their Stadium Series jersey which looks sweet, if you ask me. If the Pens design is close to looking as good as that, sign me up for one! Thank you for reading and enjoy your Thanksgiving diner (if you live in the US)!

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