Monday, September 30, 2013

End of a Month

Hi everyone! Jake88 here. It's your favorite day of the week! Not Humpday and certainly Friday, it's MONDAY! The day where you go back to school or work, or both I guess, depending on your age. Today also marks the end of the month of September, marking the first *full* month of HCI, sure we had most of August, but this is the only full month. Also to be noted, is the Jersey of the Month contest, in which the HCI staff will decide on what jersey is worthy. I've been working on some Yakball concepts (two separate links), as they help get my mind off of hockey, and afterward help me create better concepts. If you would like to see some of them, check my personal blog. On to the concepts!

London Sabreswords (By Alan John Herbert)
The HCIHL's own London Sabreswords, are the team used in this concept. The artist featured in this concept is also the team manager. I like how Alan uses his own fonts for this concept, but I don't think that they necessarily go with this concept. I also would make the striping on the white jersey black, to go along with the green jersey. Do I really have a problem with this concept? No, but something, I don't know exactly what it is, isn't grabbing me. Concept Rating 7.7/10

Cross League Classic: Rochester Americans V.S. EC Düsseldorf (Jake88/Me)
For my second Cross League Classic game I feature a DEL team V.S. Rochester. On the Düsseldorf jersey I made a custom collar style that is like a shirt collar. If you'd like, you can download the template for that here, with credit of course. Other than that,I think both jerseys are pretty self-explanatory myself, so I will let you judge how they look.

Have a great week! And until I see you guys on Friday, Good-Bye!

*Edit By Caden*

The September Jersey of the Month winner is...

Jake88's Toronto Marlies Concept Set!!!

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