Saturday, September 21, 2013


Hey Guys! Whats up? I have a few jerseys for today so lets get started!

Based off your comments and the votes in the poll, We are happy to announce the Louisville Lynx jerseys!!!
Tell me what you think in the comments!

This concept sent in by Steve should be on Icethetics Freak out Friday! It is one of the worst jerseys I've ever seen and THANK DOG these are just concepts on the worst concept website in the world! These are 10 times as bad as the Buffalo Sabers new 3rds and I would move to Pluto if these ever became a reality! Not to hurt you're feelings Steve but I just don't like them!

                                                               Concept Rating 3.9/10

This is an ad I made for the Evansville Icemen just because i wanted to do some artwork and didn't have any jersey ideas. Give me critiques on how to make it better in thew comments.

You may notice the HCIHL "drama" on twitter and the fact that one team hasn't been revealed yet! Monday we will start another week of voting on two colour schemes for the NEWEST HCIHL team!

Tomorrow we will have a Guest writer! I won't tell you who it is so come back and read Tomorrow!

                                   50th post will be on Monday!

Thanks for reading!

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