Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday. Post Number 50!!!

Hey! It's Caden, Happy 50th Post!!! I wonder who will write post #100??? I'm happy to announce the "hiring" of our new Sunday/Wednesday Writer Justin!

FYI this is the writing schedule

S Justin
M Caden
T Jake
W Justin
T  Caden
F Jake
S Caden

Tampereen Ilves Jake88
I really like the design and overall feel of the Jersey. I think the collar goes perfectly with the jersey and the stripes go well with the logo. I think the center black stripe in the chest stripe gets lost in the dark green. I would have made it white! I like the concept though and it looks better than there current sets! 

Concept Rating: 9/10

Evansville Icemen Caden P.

I made these jerseys for the Evansville Icemen! Don't Say A word about the font, but tell me what you think in the comments!

Anaheim Ducks Jake88

I know these jerseys were on the site already, But it was on Jake's post and I never got to review it!
I like the concept, but I don't like the bronze being used in the logo but nowhere else. I also don't like the NOB cutting into the piping. I like the 3rd except the bronze in the logo, again! 
Concept Rating: 8.55/10

The HCIHL announced on twitter that Alan John Herbert Joins the HCIHL as a GM of the *NEW London SaberSwords! Welcome Alan!

Thanks for reading the 50th HCI post!!!


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