Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday, DRAFT DAY

Sup readers! The HCIHL 1st ever draft day is upon us! I'm pretty busy getting ready leauge stuff, and stuff for my team, the Evansville Rivermen. Since Justin didn't post about the HCIHL changes to get ready for the inaugranal season, I will bring you up to speed. The six teams and their GMs are,

Evansville Rivermen/ Me (Caden P.)
London (Ontario) Sabreswords/ Alan John Herbert
Louisville Lynx/ Kevin C.
Altoona Express/ Jake88
Hamilton Stag/ Matt McElroy
Skopje Lisici (Foxes)/ Ricky M.

These are the current team logos,

What is your opinion? Tell us in the Comments!

Evansville City Church Tourney Justin P.

Justin fixed my concept, and I am split 50/50. I like the improvements to the CFC and ONE LIFE jerseys, but I don't like the Crossroads and NPBC jerseys. The Crossroads jersey is ok, but at one point they acctullay had a hockey team and used a template similar to that one. I wanted a different, more modern fell to it. My problem with the NPBC jerseys is that the Double blue is the colo(u)r of there church and church logo. If you changed the orange to light blue you would have a great concept.

Concept Rating: 8.3/10

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