Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Canada Jerseys, (Not-so) New Writer

Hi, Everyone! (New) writer Justin here. I'd like to take a minute to post the Team Canada jerseys leaked late yesterday. 

They're really nice, I just don't like the assymetrical sleeves and monotone collars, makes it look empty. I haven't got any instruction from Caden or Jake on what concepts to post so i'll just post some of my own.

Anaheim Ducks Redesign.

 I straightened out the "swoosh" striping on their current jerseys, recoloured them and added duck wings on the shoulders like what the Oregon Ducks football team usually does.

Abbotsford Heat

For the primary jerseys, I took inspiration from the Flames 90s jerseys for the striping. The alternate jersey is basically an edge-ified version of the Atlanta Flames jerseys. Props to Jake for using it as inspiration in his new "Cross-League Classic" series.

New York Stadium Series
The Devils and Rangers jerseys are simply previously worn jerseys. The Islanders jersey is using the dreaded "vintage white" seen in so many outdoor games. The barberpole striping is taken from the Vancouver Canucks Millionaires jersey.

Columbus Blue Jackets (De-edge series) 

This jersey from my currently active Rbk De-edge series has not been featured on HJC yet. So consider this an HCI EXCLUSIVE!!!!! They're just the pre-edge Jackets jerseys with the Star logo plastered on the front.

That concludes this post. Stay tuned for tomorrows post. Have a good day.


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