Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday With a New Writer

For some reason Blogger will not send Justin an invite so I must post this for him. Note: All writing other than this edit is by Justin. Now to his post.

Hey guys, i’m Justin. The “mystery” guest writer that Caden mentioned
yesterday. I’ll be helping him and Jake here on HCI by posting on

Sundays and Wednesdays. I got into jersey concepts earlier this summer

after looking at HJC (hockey jersey concepts) and Icethetics. It also
got me into the actual jerseys and, therefore, I have a growing jersey
collection in my closet. In addition to jerseys and such, i’m an admin
on Hockey Memes on Facebook ( show some
hockey love and give it a like.

BRIEF BIO: Let it be known that I am a HUGE Canucks fan, being from
the Vancouver area. I actually don’t live in Vancouver but in a suburb
called Abbotsford, yes, the home of the AHL’s Heat. I’ve just entered
the 9th grade and, because the Heat are in my town, i’m thinking of
having a volunteer “job” within their organization like stickboy,
waterboy, towelboy, music player, ice shoveler, goal horn player,
basically anything game-ops related. Anyhow, TO THE CONCEPTS.

Caden gave me specific instructions to review 3 jersey concepts. So
I’ve decided to review 2 of Jake’s jerseys and 1 of my own. (Sorry

Sibir Novosibirsk (KHL) by Jake88

What really catches me the first time I see this is how identical
these jerseys are to the 90s Winnipeg Jets jerseys. I managed to find
pictures of the club’s current jerseys, and Jake’s concept is nothing
but a bit of a tweak. I like the home coloured sleeves on the away
jersey and the addition of a bottom stripe on both jerseys. The
removal of the bottom stripe has butchered numerous jerseys over the
years. (i.e. Maple Leafs 07-10 unis). One suggestion I can make is
adding their primary “HC” logo to the jerseys on the front, if not, as
a shoulder patch. Their primary logo looks similar to the Lethbridge
Hurricanes logos, I must say. Final score: 9/10

CSKA Moscow (KHL) by Jake88

I have to say, what’s up with Jake and European teams? Most of his
concepts are from teams across the Atlantic. I’m thinking he dislikes
all those ads that make their jerseys cluttered and messy. Once again,
this jersey mimics the style of an NHL team, this time, the Montreal
Canadiens. Moscow’s real-life jerseys have the chest stripe move down
to the bottom of the jersey and the yokes are square. Jake moves the
chest stripe up, rounds the shoulder yokes and spaces out the thick
band between the little outer bands. My suggestion here is to add a
bottom stripe like what the Canadiens do. (Home jersey: one stripe,
half white, half blue. Away jersey: one stripe, one-third red, white
and blue) Final score: 8.5/10

2014 Heritage Classic (NHL) by ME.

This concept got a 9/10 rating and a “Concept-of-the-week” (COTW)
nomination over at HJC from the writer that reviewed it. Sadly, it
didn’t get enough votes to get onto the voting list. The jerseys are
recolored versions of jerseys worn previously by each team. The
Vancouver jersey is a blue version of their 40th Anniversary jerseys
from the 2010-11 season and the Ottawa jersey is a “heritage white”
version of their current alternates.

There it is, my first post on HCI and the 49th post overall on HCI.
Some quick “self-advertising”, don’t forget to check out my Facebook
page, Hockey Memes ( Have a great rest of
your weekend guys, 50th post tomorrow!


Can I just say how much easier it is to actually write the posts and not copy and paste. Yes, you heard me right. For some reason blogger wouldn't put the images in the right place so I had to go all HTML with it, and I'm not nearly as talented with that as some people. So bye and have a good rest of your day! 

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