Friday, September 27, 2013

Gateway to the Weekend

Hey guys the weekend is in full swing so lets start it with todays post! We have some HCIHL news, the Hamilton Stags team was announced yesterday. Here is their new Twitter page. Their logos and uniforms will be on this post too! Oh yeah, if you haven't noticed the same person who founded the Hamilton Stags made HCI a real logo and upgraded our Twitter page too! On to the concepts!

Hamilton Stags (By Matt McElroy)
Can I just say, beautiful logos and the best thing is that they are fully custom! Even the IceBorn template that Matt made is featured here! The square yokes look good and I even like the wheat jersey featured as an away, rather than white. I might make the number on the wheat jersey green (either shade). One thing I would do for both jerseys is add a stripe between the two stripes, so on the wheat jersey I would put a gold stripe between the two green stripes, and on the green jersey I would put a dark green stripe in between the wheat and gold striping. One other thing I don't understand is why the top of the socks on the wheat jersey are green. I like the rest of the jerseys and the color scheme is great! Rating 8.7/10

Evansville Church Hockey Tournament (By Caden)
Caden made some changes to his original Evansville Church Tourney concept. And personally I can't say I am a fan to the changes he's made. The first one stays the same, and the silver and gold one looks worse. I know that the "gold" is supposed to be green and I truly think that green and silver looks beautiful together but you need to change the shade of it. I really like the one in the top right corner, as the colors look great with that template. I also find it funny that the "poor church" has tons of adds! I would add some numbers and maybe a name for realism. Concept Rating 7.9/10

Thanks for reading and I we are lucky the HCIHL draft might be on Saturday! I personally can't wait! Go Express!


  1. The poor church has all the ads because they would need the money to practiapate

  2. The top part of the socks is green to match the pants like the older version of the Caps socks seen here:

    1. Oh I see what you mean with it now. I still don't really like it, I mean the Caps changed it for a reason.


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