Friday, September 20, 2013

The Friday After the 13th

It's been a week since we had to steer clear of black cat and walking under ladders. Not much happening in hockey so lets get to the concepts!

Evansville City Church Hockey Tournament (Caden)
First I have to say GET SOME NEW FONTS! I don't mean to criticize my Admin. but the serif font needs to go. I understand the black helmet and advertisements. The colored namebar looks surprisingly good on the blue jersey, and so does the stiping. The logos don't look good, but since they are church logos, meaning to portray the Cross in different ways, they aren't that bad, but maybe add a hockey stick blade to the end of the cross. I like the choice of a tie-up collar for both jerseys, too. About the white jersey, I hate the two common metallic (gold and silver) together and it could use a hem stripe. If the gold and silver colors are to stay I would put a white stripe in between the two. Lastly there shouldn't be an NHL logo in the collar and on the tag inside the collar. Concept Rating: 7.8/10

Since obviously just two teams can't be in a tournament I would like to see more teams (if you can find their respective logos). 

I wish I had a concept to share with you guys but my concept bank is extremely low. I have one I'm saving for the 50th post and thats all. I am not really feeling that inspired so it might be awhile until I make some new material. On that note, have a great rest of your day and bye!


Hey guys! I have a update for everyone. Check the @HCIHLmonarchs twitter. Interesting right. The @AltoonaHC (Altoona Express) asked about it about an hour ago causing the attention of the blog. Here is the tweet that the Monarchs responded with.

Ok something needs to be explained. I hope to get more information as it comes. Until then later...

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  1. The "gold" is actually green!



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