Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Internet Up; Views Down

Ok, if you saw the semi-drama that went on with Caden accidently taking his admin. privileges away, it's been fixed. Sadly after my family got Verizon for Internet, it go's down on the first day and stayed like that for about a day, so now I am lucky to have it up and write this post. Sadly our page view dropped drastically and I hope this can boost them. On to the one concept I made for today!

Cross League Classic: Abbotsford Heat V.S. TPS Turku (Jake88/Me)

Ok, this is my new project, something I like to call the Cross League Classic, it will feature AHL teams playing European teams. The first game in my series is the Heat of Abbotsford, fellow writer Justin's hometown, playing TPS Turku of the SM-Liiga, newly named Liiga (National League). The Heat will play in Atlanta Flames style jerseys, the logo is the Atlanta Flames logo, the idea came from Justin. Also since Reebok keeps making squared off yokes, put that in the stitching pattern. The TPS jersey adds yoke striping and cuffs too their already classic jersey style. I think I did pretty good with it and am happy with how it turned out. 

I think for the whole series I will do 5 or 6 matches, any suggestions for teams? EDIT: Probably will do six, so three games will be held in North America, and three in Europe.

Ok guys another day another post. Bye and have a great day!  


Sorry for all the drama readers!!! I took my admin privs away by accident!!!


  1. Dynamo Moscow vs Springfeild Falcons

    1. I won't do KHL teams because in all reality they would cream AHL teams. Some KHL teams, including Dynamo, would cream some NHL teams!


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