Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rivermen Extras!!! (Jake88)

Hello followers of this fine blog! I do say, I have some hockey jersey concepts for you today. I can hope that nobody has forgotten about the anniversary that is today. Yup, the 75th is upon us, only 25 posts to go until triple digits. I know that Caden is quite proud of the blog and I have to say I am too. In my opinion, the blog can only grow now, so lets make it happen! Send in your concepts, we'll grade them and tell you how you can improve! It's that easy!

Evansville Rivermen (Matt McElroy)
Everyone remember the concept that Matt made for my Express? Well here is one made for the Rivermen of Evansville. I will grade this concept like I graded the Express one. First the logo. I like just about everything about it, it truly looks like a good fantasy hockey logo! In fact, the Rivermen should've used it on their new jerseys! Only one complaint. Why the three stars? From my research the three stars don't appear on Evansville's flag, nor Indiana's, it would make sense for a team in Tennessee (Nashville uses it in their secondary) so an explanation would be helpful. To the jerseys. One word. AMAZING. Again all except for one thing, again a small tiny thing. Put the shoulder patch on both shoulders. Speaking of the shoulder patch, I would like to see it not cut off, I see an anchor and hockey sticks but thats all. So if you could give me a full size image that would help me envision it better. Concept Rating 9.4/10

Evansville Rivermen (Jake88/Me)
Ok, I had a reason for not using Matt's logo, THE SKYLINE FEATURE! Yes, this was a fix of the design Caden showed us all on Tuesday. I saw the design a few days before that and this is what I showed him. He wanted the skyline on the hem like on his concept, but I thought it would be to much, so he went with his design. I really like how the final product looks and I wish that he would have made this as the official design. 

So did you agree with Caden's opinion to make his design the official one? Just joking, I probably would have been angry if he used mine, and I don't know how Matt would have felt. Anyway I have made two more designs for my Big Ten redesign and I hope to show you one tomorrow. So, bye and have a great rest of your day!


I have decided to let you guys vote on which rivs jersey to use for next season! Here is mine in case you forgot!


  1. The problem with the Skyline is that it's Peoria's skyline.


    1. I suck at lots of things and one of them is designing my own logos!

    2. Wow don't take it so hard on your self. The only way to get better is by doing it


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