Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday: One (Now Three) Before the Diamond

Welcome to the last post before HCI's diamond anniversary! It's amazing to me because I have been on this blog since the fifth or sixth post. Caden can also tell us how far this blog has come too, from the very amataure header with the plain background, to the Matt Mc. redesign of the blog, HCI deserves this 74th post! Anyway, the HCIHL scores after week 3 are as follows:

UPDATE: Ok just realized that this is not HCI's 74th post, rather it's 72nd. Two drafts can really affect that Blogger counting system. Ugh 

Hamilton Stags 128.5 - Louisville Lynx 120.3
London Sabreswords 139.8 - Altoona Express 125.8
Skopje Lisici 139.5 - Evansville Rivermen 125.8

Excuse me for not looking this up in the HCIHL rules, but I wonder what would happen if Altoona played Evansville. The scores are exactly the same and it doesn't look like there is any place for a tie in the standings. It would be pretty cool actually if they played eachother just to see the suspense near the end. 


Team Greece (Alan John Herbert)
This concept (like Cadens Israel concept) was for the HJC IIHF Bottom Ten comp. I really like Alan's simplification of Greece's logo. It really makes up for the jersey being so "stripey". The striping on the yoke even though I like them in most cases, look unnecessary on this concept.  One more thing, if you want the pants to be be striped like that, I would make it a tad smaller. The number/name font looks fine and so does the collar. Concept Rating 8.2/10

Penn State Nittany Lions (Jake88/Me)
First I have to say this. Sadly the Cross League Classic designing is finished. After I made the first four teams I kinda lost interest and decided on a Big 10 redesign instead. For this concept I wanted I chest stripe as I was thinking how amazing it would with the PSU Lion logo. In my opinion the extended yoke would look bad in white so I went with two different designs. Asking why I didn't just make a matching design for the blue sweater? I have a reason. Some of the earlier PSU jerseys had extended yokes on them (I can't find a picture online, but I know that I saw it somewhere) and I always wanted to make a chest stripe with an extended yoke jersey. Also I get to go to my first Penn State game on Friday night! Really excited and I would be even more excited if they came on the ice wearing those :-). 

Also, a note for my whole Big 10 redesign series. I will be doing teams that don't have a D1 team and teams that join the B10 in 2014.


Well that ends todays post. Hope you liked! Bye. 

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  1. Jake,

    The Home team automatticly wins if there's a tie.


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