Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday: 'Ello All

'Ello all! I have a new concept that I can share with you guy's along with an older concept by Ricky Mazella. You may know Ricky from his blog Buffalo Nickel Graphics or as the owner of the HCIHL's Skopje Lisici, whose scores for this week will be later in the post. Without further ado, here are the HCIHL scores!

Skopje Lisici 145.3 - London Sabreswords 127.2
Hamilton Stags 167.5 - Evansville Rivermen 143.5
Altoona Express 135 - Louisville Lynx 114.1

So how about them Stags? 4-0! Make that 4-1 once my Express *win this week!

*Subject to change

Yeah.... Concepts?


Michigan State Spartans (Jake88/Me)
Even with a "M" team I decided on the beautiful (Classically Beautiful) Spartan logo. The striping on the green jersey is classic and to my surprise what the team uses now. But no, the jerseys aren't the same, but yes they are extremely close, all I did (this without researching the actual jerseys) was flip the hem stripe, and a few other minor changes. I thought that the fake laces collar didn't look horrible in green so those are used. The white jerseys are different though. Not much to say about them, so next concept!

Boston Bruins (Ricky Mazella)
The aforementioned Ricky brings us this surprisingly good concept for a team that is hard to make a good concept for. I like how realistic it is, in the sense of that the yoke has only small edits and the striping remains classic. I'd be a huge fan of the Bruins wearing yellow, maybe not full time, but everything looks good so all that is left is the rating. Concept Rating 8.7/10


So, remember that concept that I showed everyone awhile ago? The Maple Leafs one? I decided to remake it as a Mississauga Steelheads concept. Look for that soon! Bye!  

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