Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday, college M day.

Hello reader folk! Not much to write about in jersey news. But tomorrow the Flames are releasing their highly anticipated 3rd jersey. I like the jersey and shoulder patches leaked on NHL 14, but not the baseballesque script + logo. It will be interesting to see and if Justin writes tomorrow, which he has to. I will be busy. He can give us the whole shtick. Since you are all busy and don't like listening to my rambling, I will be using William Butala's Yay or Nay review system again, to see what you think. Since none of you gave your review on the review yesterday. I'm rambling again! To the concepts!

Maryland Terrapins Jake88
Jake88 bring us the first of 2 concepts for today.

The flag striping
The font
The color balance
The UnderArmour template

The triangle pants stripe, I would make it thinner and straight down.
The cuffs on the white jersey
The collar colors
Also, Since the "M" is so boring. I would have a wordmark or logo on the red one. And relocate the M to the shoulders

When I first saw this concept, I fell in love with the flag stripes. Especially with a busy flag like Maryland's. Pulling that off is difficult. The font choice matched up well too. 

Concept Rating, 8.75/10

Jake88 with his second "college M concept" of the day

The arm stripes
The pants stripes
The sock stripes, ok. Just ALL THE STRIPES

Bland/Boring template. Unlike the last one, which was awesome!
The colors, I would have had yellow as the main dark color with a maroon accent.
The yoke on the white. I think unless it portrays to the area is in (like flag stripes) college jerseys should be somewhat simple.

Concept Rating 8/10

It's my 2nd day in a row writing! Whooo. What do you guys think of the way I reviewed the jerseys? Anything I forgot to mention? Just tell me in the comments! And keep sending in your concepts!

Thanks for reading!


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