Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Post number 74

Hey guys. Justin here. This OFFICIALY marks the post before our 75th post on this blog!! I just wanna thank Jake and Caden for adding me on as a 3rd writer and we've still got a bit more to go until 100.


Anaheim Ducks (Alan John Herbert)
I'm assuming this is from HJC's old Anaheim "Unused Colours" contest. I saw the "HERBERT" name on the back and I thought it was old Ducks goalie Guy Hebert's name. But then I saw the R in the name and turn out it was you last name, oh well. This is a nice jersey, using somewhat of a Flyers jersey design (ex: arm striping). The only thing I would change about this is the green number on the white jersey. Make the outline black and green and the inside orange and fill in that empty space behind the neck. it sticks out like a sore thumb, especially on the white jersey. Overall, good execution ann good concept as well.  9/10

Evansville Riverman (Caden Patafie)

When I first saw this, I thought it was an unfinished version of the jersey. Then I took a closer look. Hey, the logo's on the upper right chest! It's like a soccer jersey, almost. I don't mind a yellow-coloured kit (haha, soccer term there) but assuming if there is another team in the HCIHL with a yellowed coloured jersey, a white one would fit well. The cityline striping reminds me of the late 90s Coyotes jerseys. It would look cool if the striping went all around the jersey and on the arms. It would look really awkward when you have a player wearing these, celebrating a goal, arms in the air and seeing the cityline get cut off under the arms. And enlarge the logo! This ain't soccer. 8.5/10

75th post tomorrow!!


  1. I really Like this take on the Rivs jersey. It's cool and modern, and something we've never seen. I'm tired of seeing the same 4 jerseys re-colored.


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