Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday. "The first of many."

Hey guys! Caden here! You may have been wondering why my post is titled "The first of many". Well, since I won't be able to use the computer at all this week, I'm writing 3 prescheduled posts tonight. That means that you will all have the standard 2/3 concepts a day, but any jersey new will be left to Justin or Jake to report. You can also get the more detailed jersey articles on Icethetics. To the concepts!

Kolner Haie Jake88
 Jake88 brings us a Kolner Haie concept which is much better than what they currently wear.

The yoke
The matching Arm/Hem stripes
The pants stripe

The Black helmet with the away jersey
The weird glove colors. I would just have black and red.

Overall a solid concept which again is much better than there current set! A 9.8/10 from me!

Mighty Ducks (My first ever concept) Me

This was the first ever concept I made, and man! Back in my old days when is used NHLuniforms.com template. My skills have (somewhat) improved since then! I think I'm going to redo that on a Paint Users Paradise Template sometime soon! Tell me what you think! 

A quickly written post! Thanks for reading! 


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