Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday! Icemen Home opener!

Whats up guys? Caden Here! It's Icemen opening day today so I am super busy! When voting time for the HJC Bottom Ten Contest comes around tomorrow, be sure to vote my Isreal Concept 1st place!
I am actually writing this post on Friday so I don't have HCIHL scores available, but they will be on the HCIHL website ( and Jake can put them on his Monday post. To the concepts!

Team Isreal (B10 Comp.) Caden P.

This is my Isreali Olympic team concept for the HJC contest. The 2 main jerseys are pretty simple and something you might see in the Olympics. The 3rd is not. Judaism Religion plays a big part. I made it Gold because "Heavan will be paved with streets of gold..." And the beams are supposed to be sun beams. It's gold for a practical purpose because it could be home or away. The script on the blue jersey says Isreal in Hebrew by the way. Tell me what you think!

Calgary 3rd "Justin Sulpico"
This is not as much a concept, as it is a guess. The Flames new 3rd jersey was leaked on NHL 14 and was spotted and posted on icethetics. This is pretty much a copy of that jersey. So I won't rate Justin's design, as much as the Flames design. 

My likes
All the black
The shade of red
The shoulder patch
The shoulder yoke

My dislikes
The asymmetrical stripes
The Script + small logo
The Small numbers
The NOB font
The tie down collar

Jersey Rating (as an actual jersey) 7/10
Concept Rating (if it was just a concept) 8.5/10 for the great execution!

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